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Posted by Lori Hynson on 04/26/2017

SuperGal vs GOD, A Memoir

The inspirational true story of Lori Hynson, a stressed, striving SuperGal who was prideful, controlling, and outwardly successful.  

But behind closed doors, her Shadow Face took over. Unchurched until her mid-40's, she was a shallow Christian, a church-goer who saw God as a nice, Sunday Acquaintance. But when she finds joy, and six short weeks later tragedy strikes, Lori is determined to fix things all on her own, just as she has always done. She makes demands of God, but when He doesn't respond according to her wishes, she resolves to go it alone. On the worst night of her life, when her hope is gone, she learns she never really had control over anything that mattered.

Yes, this SuperGal thought she could handle anything life threw her way.

Until she couldn't.

Until her own, weak superpowers utterly failed.

Until finally, God had her right where He wanted her!

Through rage and despair, messengers and miracles, and finally, surrender and redemption, Lori learns that God never gave up on His plan for her.

SuperGal vs GOD, A Memoir