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Posted by Vicki Eitel on 04/05/2018

Seeing God's Design Behind Menopause

HELP! What’s happening to my body? I feel like I’m losing my mind. I can’t seem to remember anything. Nothing seems to fit anymore. Everything is going haywire. Can’t someone tell me what’s happening to me?

In this quick and easy-to-read guide, Vicki explains the physical changes taking place and how they affect you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. She helps you learn to laugh at yourself, embrace your changing body, and see the incredible, God-ordained design behind it all. She even helps you understand how the changes taking place in you and your spouse at midlife can cause friction in your marriage and how to come through the midlife changes with a stronger and more intimate relationship.

After struggling through menopause and searching for answers, author Vicki Eitel made it her mission to educate other women on what to expect during the 10-year process of menopause to spare them all the anxiety and confusion she went through. She has walked alongside numerous women, encouraging them and answering their questions. After many years of giving seminars on the subject, Vicki decided to write a girlfriend’s guide to menopause. She candidly and humorously shares her personal stories and research and walks you through what to expect during menopause and beyond.

You will love this engaging book, laugh often and catch yourself saying over and over again, “Oh, that’s why…” A must-read for every woman.

Available on Amazon.com in paperback and kindle.


Seeing God's Design Behind Menopause