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Posted by Joani Tabor on 05/23/2019

Retro (Double CD)

  1.  His Grace Will Find You There

  2.  God So Frail

  3.  Nothing's Going To Steal My Joy

  4.  Ten Thousand Angels Cried

  5.  Be Strong And Take Courage (Featuring John Starnes)

  6.  An Everlasting Peace

  7.  I Find My Peace In You Lord

  8.  The Day He Autographed My Heart

  9. Heartbeat

10.  Steppin' on White Clouds

11. Jesus Brought Me Out

12.  See Those Clouds

13.  Hallelujah, Amen

14.  Ten Thousand Joys

15.  No One Blows A Horn Like Gabriel Can

16.  Hotel Hallelu

17.  Red Words

18.  Carry On

19.  He Forgot To Remember My Sins

20  He's Do It Again

Retro (Double CD)