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Posted by Susan Lawrence on 09/24/2018

Pure Purpose

Discover Pure Purpose—in the midst of your experiences, questions, and relationships—and experience who God is and what he intends for your life. Finding the answers won’t be easy. You’ll need to commit to digging into God’s Word and looking in the mirror at a reflection of the woman God created you to become. You’ll be challenged to apply what you’re learning to everyday life.

You can start your Pure Purpose journey on your own or with a small group. You’ll begin each week with a Starter Session, followed by five Make It Personal sessions. Three of the sessions will be personal study, and two will include reflection and action, during which you’ll apply several verses to your life as well as take action. God’s Word is essential—so essential that we need to know it, then live it out in our everyday lives.

God’s purpose for you is to desire him with intensity. Welcome to the journey of Pure Purpose. It’s just the beginning.

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Pure Purpose