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Posted by Susan Lawrence on 09/24/2018

Pure Love

Love God. Love others. More and More. 

When we seek God, we know God, because He is love. Over the next 90 days, we’ll unveil love together. We’ll take a journey through Scripture to highlight what God says about love. We’ll explore how we distort it, and we’ll receive God’s encouragement to see love the way God intends. 

As we seek and yield, we’ll grow in our relationships with God and each other, because as God fills us with His love, we will overflow with it. He provides abundantly.

Each day begins with the key Scripture and is followed by a devotional. Choose a regular time and place for your devotions. Invite a friend or small group to join you in the journey. Encourage one another; it’s the way of God’s love. At the end of each day’s reading, you’ll find A.S.K. It’s your opportunity to Accept, Seek, and Know God and His love even more deeply.

Accept includes a prayer. 

Seek includes questions to consider, journal, or discuss.

Know seals the day with more Scripture, so you can claim truth once again.

May God challenge, encourage, and equip you to live His love out loud.

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Pure Love