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Posted by Kimberly Hooper on 06/21/2018

MERIT Profile Assessment/Development Report

The MERIT Profile is generated from a skillfully constructed 60-item survey.  This one-of-a-kind psychometric instrument provides a snapshot of an individual's current Character and Behavior DNA.  

Each MERIT Profile provides both descriptive summary statements and numerical scores regarding three Character Competency Groups (Attitudes, Beliefs and Commitments), 10  Character Competencies and four Behavior Traits

MERIT Profile Development Report (13 pages) -The Report provides descriptive statements for each Character Competencyand gives insight into the employee’s strengths and developmental needs. 

It is used in organizations to measure and increase employee engagement, assessing and developing senior leaders, training managers with tools for leading teams, strengthening team dynamics,  training and ongoing coaching applications.  It is a valuable tool to use during monthly and yearly staff evaluations and can be used to track measurable and specific growth in teams. 

It is designed to give individual insight for personal and professional development in their Personal Leadership Effectiveness.  

To request your personal MERIT Profile Assessment, Email:  Kimberly@thevinesolution.com


MERIT Profile Assessment/Development Report