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Posted by Evelyn Leite on 11/02/2022

Leadership Training: Inside the Heads & Hearts of Hurting Women

Evelyn Leite, MHR, LPC, is a survivor of abuse, anxiety and depression who is now 41 years sober with 28 years of experience in the addiction and mental health fields. During this interview with host, Marnie Swedberg, she shares openly and with purpose about: 

  •  Living through depression, brain fog and confusion
  • How surrendering to God’s love changes everything
  • Why wounded women compartmentalize (and how to help them ??become whole??)
  • Helping women see they are OK (that the "stuff" simply is not theirs)
  • The soul-destroying habit of self-blame and how to help your women finally leave it behind
  • The truth of Romans 8:28 - that no matter what life throws at you, it is possible to heal and thrive

 Evelyn Leite is an author, counselor and speaker who shares her heart-wrenching, real-life experiences, related to family addictions and mental health, to lead women to Jesus. Join us to experience truth, redemption, love and acceptance. Learn more at https://www.EvelynLeite.com. Invite Evelyn to speak via www.WomenSpeakers.com

Leadership Training: Inside the Heads & Hearts of Hurting Women


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