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Posted by Kimberly Hooper on 01/11/2022

It's Simply Time Leadership Training and Membership

As an It’s Simply Time Member you will first learn about the vital importance of your Personal Leadership Effectiveness. 

Second, you will gain a supportive community with other like-minded women who are committed to help restore the Biblical Foundations in America…one life at a time. 

Third, you will be provided with valuable resource tools that will help maximize your personal and professional growth.

Membership Includes:

The Leadership Training Guide - It's Simply Time 

You will be encouraged to develop your leadership skills to be an 'agent of change' with the character and leadership required to have a restorative impact in America.  

MERIT Profile Assessment

The MERIT Profile Assessment provides both descriptive statements and numerical scores regarding a person's Personal Leadership Effectiveness, which is comprised of your unique Character Competencies, Behavior Traits, Attitudes, Beliefs, and Commitments.

It's Simply Time PLE Audio Messages

Weekly encouragement filled with valuable insights and encouragement to enhance your leadership effectiveness.

National Prayer Network 

Women who are dedicated to proclaim God's Word over America for Revival and Spiritual Awakening in America.

Monthly Leadership Forum

Leaders across America sharing their It's Simply Time stories, a place to gain ideas for supporting women, and leadership training for mobilizing on a national level.

It's Simply Time Leadership Training and Membership