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Posted by Karen Porter on 09/27/2018

If You Give A Girl A Giant...

“Karen Porter’s fresh approach and real-life stories communicate God’s

truth in a fun and relevant way. Get this book today and find God’s victory

for you.”

—Andrea Booth, Author, Women’s Ministry Leader.

Andrea and her husband Garrett Booth pastor Grace Church, Houston

**** Discover the secrets to overcoming giants from a

few obscure verses in the Old Testament.

Four giants and four mighty warriors are named. The surprise is in

the meanings of their names. The secrets to slaying the giants are

found in the meanings of the names of the warrior who slays the


Make no mistake, the giants are sassy and strong. They strut and

sting and want to destroy you and me. To confuse, condemn, and

cause us to fail.

We are not equipped to fight the battle. But God gives us the weapons

to outsmart and slay each giant who dares to raise its ugly head.

Unless we have God’s weapons, we will never reach the exceptional

potential He has planned for us.

In these pages, you will learn how to fight for your life, get rid of a

victim mentality, take the words “I Can’t” out of your vocabulary, and

find victory.

We can’t fight the giants alone, but God can.

With His help, we will change our lives forever.


If You Give A Girl A Giant...