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Posted by Misty Fitch on 11/05/2021

Freedom From Yourself EGuide

Freedom From Yourself
A Guide to Discovering the Root of Triggers and Negative Patterns in Your Life

Do you feel you're in a rut making the same mistakes over and over again, and you can't figure out why? Have you tried making changes only to be right back in the same place just days later?

When you only address the surface of the problem, you're neglecting the root that continues to grow deep inside. Just like a weed, it will continue to choke out all the "good stuff" until you attack it at the root.

Let me help you get started in discovering the root of what triggers those reactions.

Often, we blame others for why we do the things we do without realizing it's our own selves holding the key to the chains that are keeping us from moving into the freedom God already has for us. It may have started from something someone did in the past, but holding onto that pain only gives them power and control that doesn't belong to them. 

It's time to take that control back. After all, without the root, you'll realize you're the one with the key in your hand. The next step is to unlock that chain holding you back from being a better you.

Are you ready to find FREEDOM FROM YOURSELF?

Freedom From Yourself EGuide


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