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Posted by Deb Potts on 09/15/2016

Free gift for Event Planners - Women's Ministry: Personality-Wise

A free, downloadable PDF guide to leading and growing your women's ministry group. 

Based on the various needs and desires of different personalities, how should women's ministry look? What is our vision? How do we build a team of leaders and help them to grow spiritually? What techniques can we use to include those guests sitting on the sidelines to become involved? And what's the best way to reach out and invite the community around us? 

Enjoy this free resource, written especially for women's ministry leaders. I know you're busy so I've kept it as short as possible, but packed it full of fun, practical ideas. I hope it blesses your ministry and your life. Click Womens Ministry Personality Wise to start downloading.

I create a new ministry tool for event planners each year. They are meant to encourage you and make your life flow just a little bit better. I've been a women's ministry leader and I know where you are! If you would like to join this email list just click here.

...because U count, deb

Free gift for Event Planners - Women's Ministry: Personality-Wise