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Posted by Suellen Estes on 01/07/2018

Forever Upward: A Mother's Journey Through Prayer

In Forever Upward, Suellen Estes pours out her heart in testimonies of answered prayer. Through experience and study of the Word of God Suellen learned some secrets of prayer which led her from the depths of despair to abundant victory.

God's call for us to draw close to Him and to obey His voice is the key. That closeness and that obedience will take us to newer heights than we ever dreamed possible.

You, too, can discover His secrets of prayer which will take you to new realms.

In Forever Upward, you will go on a journey, traveling the path that many mothers have taken before you. It’s a journey of hope and a journey of deliverance. You will learn that when you do things God’s way, you will have God’s results!

Forever Upward: A Mother's Journey Through Prayer