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Posted by Jill Richardson on 06/14/2021

Communication Strategies for Speakers - Video Interview

During this hour with Marnie and guest, Jill Richardson, you’ll discover Communication Strategies for Speakers including:   

• How to lock in the longevity and relevance of your ministry and messages. 

• Communication strategies for a sound bite world. 

• Interactive techniques that work with women. 

• How to narrow down your message to maximize your impact. 

• What to do when confusion, overwhelm or lack clarity define the day (or season). 

• Identifying and addressing the #1 cause of communication failure.

Dr. Jill Richardson is a speaker and author who helps women overcome their fears to find their passionate voice and potential. Her byline is Reframed: Picturing Faith with the Next Generation. Learn more at Invite her to speak via

Communication Strategies for Speakers - Video Interview


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