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Posted by Cookie White on 05/15/2017

Being Led Beside Still Waters

"We often wonder how periods of quiet and stillness can be obtained in a world full of multi-tasking, harried schedules, constant movement and noise.  In face, we find ourselves longing for a place to adjourn from the daily stresses of life and rest in the arms of our Creator God; a place where we can comprehend the Word of God and listen as His voice explains the scriptures enabling its message to permeate our minds and guide our decisions.  

May God use these devotional thoughts and verses of scripture to daily lead you to a place of quiet and still waters.  May your soul be refreshed, renewed and restored by the Spirit of God."

This book contains 42 daily thoughts/devotionals detailing every day activities that rendered a spiritual lesson.  God speaks in various ways when we least expect it!

Being Led Beside Still Waters