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Posted by Cookie White on 05/15/2017

And I Heard God Whisper, "Walk with Me"

“Whether I’m in the dentist chair, walking on our local trail, exercising in body sculpting class or walking through the waters of breast cancer, the Holy Spirit transforms my daily activities into spiritual learning events. Tucked within these pages are devotionals written from firsthand experiences, as common as apple pie, to demonstrate God does speak, we only need to listen.”

These were the words written on the back cover of my first devotional book.  The title, written above, was given to me in 2003 when I was walking through the waters of breast cancer.  The Lord gave me this title and instructed me to remember it, which I did and it was placed on our first self-published book in 2010.  The book consists of 33 daily devotionals with four of those writings dealing with my experiences with breast cancer and God's faithfulness through that diagnosis and my treatments.

A collection of devotionals written through laughter and tears but planned by God.

A couple of reviews:

"It is clear from reading this book that Cookie White is exceptionally well versed in the Bible.  She uses that knowledge and her life's experience to bring the reader into a closer relationship with God.  She allows daily experiences to illuminate her walk with God and, in turn, he walk with God illuminates her daily experiences.  The messages are given in manageable time units, making this an excellent daily reading, even for the very busy.  This book is a well thought-out invitation to one's own closer walk."  L.C.

"Every time I read Cookie White's devotional book, I'm reminded of God's everlasting love through Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.  Each real and personal story, with scripture references, helps me to meditate on His truth and be established in His Grace.  Cookie's writings are inspirational and mot helpful in my daily walk."  J.E.

"I took a while reading Cookie's book so I could ponder each devotional.  Most of the many books I read get passed on, but this one is a keeper."  Will there be a sequel?"  V.C.

And I Heard God Whisper, "Walk with Me"