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Posted by Christie Musso Bruce on 01/04/2018

Abortion Recovery

You can get to the other side of guilt and shame, just walk through the door of abortion recovery. These are Alabama numbers but they are in every state so look up whatever state you are in. You can contact anyone below and they can help guide you to who you need to get to in your area.


Welcome to Abortion Recovery Alabama

The choice is liberating. Choice empowers us. And according to the U.S. Supreme Court, women have the right to choose.  Is the abortion choice the same for women as the right to vote and the right to free speech?
Is abortion a good choice for our mind and soul?

What about the permanency of the abortion decision, does it cause women emotional harm?

Fact is, after an abortion, a woman can find themselves coping with feelings they did not expect.

These unresolved feelings can create emotional conflict.

Many women rationalize the need to have an abortion and therefore repress their initial feelings of guilt. As a result, the emotional fallout from abortion is delayed, sometimes for as long as 5 to 20 years.

For many women, abortion is not a glorious right through which they are able to reclaim control over their lives. Instead, it is an “evil necessity” they submit to because they believe they have no choice.

Unfortunately, abortion betrays a woman’s self-image and self-worth. She is internally divided by an emotional war.

Her maternal desires challenge the abortion experience, and as a result, unresolved feelings create emotion conflict.

Cindy Harless Executive Director
Phone: 205-620-1344


Abortion Recovery Alabama Certified Bible Studies

Come where true and lasting healing can take place . . .
You can be forgiven and set free!

All Abortion Recovery Alabama Facilitators have an abortion experience and have personally come to know true healing.

Abortion Recovery Alabama is a safe place for women who are survivors of abortion.

Small, confidential caring and non-judgmental 12-week support group, using
“Forgiven and Set Free” by Linda Cochran.

Contact: Cindy Harless, Abortion Recovery Director
Facilitator: Heather Payne
Co-Facilitator: Aubrey White
Liberty Baptist Church
11050 Chelsea Rd.
Chelsea, AL 35043
Forgiven & Set Free Bible Study 

Contact: Cindy Harless, Abortion Recovery Director
Facilitator: Betty Thompson
Co-Facilitator: Tina Robinson
North Jefferson Women’s Center
1209 Decatur Hwy.
Fultondale, AL 35071
Forgiven & Set Free Bible Study

Contact: Cindy Harless, Abortion Recovery Director
Facilitator: Cindy Harless
Co-Facilitator: Michelle Coxwell
H & F Media Office
951 1st Ave. W
Alabaster, AL 35007
Forgiven & Set Free Bible Study

Contact:  Cindy Harless, Abortion Recovery Director
Facilitator:  Cindy Harless
Co-Facilitator:  Angie Wallace
Liberty Church
2732 Old Rocky Ridge Rd.
Hoover, AL  35216
Forgiven & Set Free

Contact:  Cindy Harless, Abortion Recovery Director
Facilitator:  Jan Vaughn
Co-Facilitator:  Patty Thompson
St. Clair County Sav-A-LIfe
6426 Hwy. 11
Springville, AL  35146
Forgiven & Set Free Bible Study
Recommended Post Abortion Bible Studies

Contact:  Susan Scott or Kacy Gray
Care Net Pregnancy Resource Center
1622 7th St.North, Suite 132
Clanton, AL  35045 (205)755-6767
Forgiven & Set Free

Contact: Cala Flippo 
Shoals Women's Clinic
2201 Cloyd Blvd.
Florence, AL 35630

Contact: Diane Pruitt, Executive Director
Alpha Pregnancy Testing Center
600 Carroll St.
Jackson, AL 36545

Contact:  Evelyn Chatenay
Resources for Women
1259 Al Hwy. 21
Sylacauga, AL  35150

Contact:  Ann Watkins
Sav-A-Life East
1120 Gadsden Hwy.
Birmingham, AL  35235


Abortion Recovery