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Posted by: Trish Torline on 10/29/2015

Discovering Your Dream

Let me ask you this, when it comes to living out the dream God has placed on your heart, do you shrug your shoulders and say “It’s too late…it’s too far out of reach…it’s too impossible for someone like me?” You can live out that dream – no matter what age and place in life. 

Together we will get you on the road to discovering God’s purpose for your life. Like me, you may discover that you are already living it! Through our discussions you will be empower to: 

    explore God’s unique purpose for your life 

    verbalize new dreams for the first time resurrect lost dreams and see them to fruition 

    make greater use of your uniqueness and special gifts 

    find the boldness to give up a draining career and pursue the dream you’ve always wanted

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