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Posted by: Lynnette Appling, MSHRM, PHR on 12/28/2015

The Heart Of A Woman

Sometimes life is just hard; hard to breathe, hard to laugh, hard to cry and hard to live. No matter what we go through the ultimate element of our survival is trusting in God. Yet, even when we know to trust in Him, do we really do it? Lynnette Appling teaches a gripping, candid and intriguinging message concerning The Heart Of A Woman. She unveils a series of personal insights that exposes the human realities of her Christian walk. By becoming transparent, she allows women to share her expereinces and learn about the integrity and character of God's heart. She answers questions so many of us ask and sometimes never get answered. As women learn to face themselves, God will transfer them to a new dimension of His grace. Overcoming the harsh obstacles of life, a woman can triumph with a heart that is completely open and honest. 

The Heart Of a Woman will challenge you to allow God to be your intimate and secret place of rest. You'll learn the essence of trust and the miracle of grace as you walk with Lynnette through this teaching. Gold nuggets illuminate the path as God gently shows His love for women in this teaching.

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