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Posted by: Lynnette Appling, MSHRM, PHR on 12/28/2015

Breaking Free From Emotional Torment

Torment! How do women conquer torment? Many women experience the ramifications of either outside forces or the misguided assumptions that evoke personal defenses of their mind. Even in speaking to women about this, I had to come to grips with the actual torment from both arenas of outer voices and inner turmoil to learn how to overcome with victory, poise and grace. In this teaching you will learn what torment is, how it is applied, the devices of torment and how to be confident in your own victory. You can finally put the loud, oppressing voices to rest. There are specific spirits that operate to thwart women from spiritual maturity by provoking toment in the Kingdom of God. This torment is applied both personally and coporately. At times, the strategy of the enemy is to have them work in a chorus harmony. So when a woman goes through disruptions in her life, she usually is dealing with torment. This particualar spirit enable women to utlize excuses for remaining in the same situation, with the same answer resulting in the same outcome. This repetitive outcome produces many levels of torment that is not easily exterminated.

Many women have either hosted or experienced the deception and manipulation of tormen. My hope is that a spirutal unveiling awakens the women of God to not only look within themselves but to identify the spiritual crimes that happen against women through overproduced torment. It is time for women to truly see, understand and police thier emotions with hope and love. This teaching will help all of us displace the spirit of torment's influence in our lives. I pray you are able to be completely aware its cause and effects in your life. May you walk in deliverance, power and the fabrication of why you were created. Walk in your purpose and take your life back.

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