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Posted by: Lynnette Appling, MSHRM, PHR on 12/28/2015

A Kept Woman

From being abanded by her father to be rejected by people, Lynnette Appling teaches about the hurt, shame and stigma of being fatherless that followed her during her life. This special testimony reveals the power of re-establishment through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It is unmistakably insightful how this story unveils a redemptive resolution through the healing virtue of the Holy Father.

God has unshackled and released Lynnette to bring this personal message of forgiveness, healing, hope and promise. Her frankness about her experience, in addition to exposing her weaknessas as a women and Christian, will help many women find personal healing and their intimate place of worship.

Lynnette's circumstances made her believe she was kept by men, but God's faithfulness gave her revelation to rest in truth and be Kept By God.  This teaching brings a fresh new insight and definition to the old negative stereotype of .... A Kept Woman.

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