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Kristin Fitch

Christian Speaker
Virginia Beach Virginia 23464

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Join the adventure of pursing God and what He has for you.

Join the adventure of pursing God and what He has for you.

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Virginia Beach, VA 23464
United States of America

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More About Kristin Fitch

Kristin Fitch is a christian speaker, writer  podcaster,  and entrepreneur who motivates women through relatable stories, scriptures and visuals. Come have your spirit awakened and energized to connect with God's call on your life.



Kristin is first and foremost an Encourager- whether through her speaking, podcasting, writing, coaching or mentoring she is on a mission to encourage you through real life adventures.  She is a Christian Inspirational Speaker, Author and Podcaster who wants to point people to Jesus and to living the adventurous life God has called us to live.  Kristin provides content, products and courses to help women grow in their faith, purpose and businesses so they can have a lasting legacy and impact in their homes and in the world.  For over 20 years Kristin has worked in the online space helping businesses grow by using their online presence and passions. 

Within 2 hours of Richmond, VA, 3 hours to Washington,DC and driving distance to Raleigh, Chapel Hill andd other North Carolina cities.

Kristin is the podcast host of Faith Fueled Woman and Building a Life You Love (Top 5%) and her newest podcast to launch is Joy Camp.  She will be releasing several books and a women's devotional in 2023/2024.

Favorite Scripture: Take every opportunity to open your life and home to others. - Romans 12:13

"Hospitality is Love in Action" - Alexander Strauch

Speaking Topics: Marriage, Parenting, God's Plan,Friendship, Gardening, Hospitality, Joy

Rediscover Your Joy

Getting in the presence of God promises us the fruits of the spirit which includes joy. Learn 6 easy ideas to reignite joy into our daily lives so we can show up to better serve God, our families & friends and our communities.

Growing with God (Garden Workshop- great for women, families, seniors)

A hands on workshop exploring the seasons we may go through, andd how we need to feed our spiritual practices to thrive in our lives and the importance regularly pruning what isn't aligned with your season.  It can incorporate creating mini herb gardens with guest.  Hands-on workshop or can be a talk

Uncluttering Our Schedule & Soul

What Biblical Principles can help guide us to pairing back our schedules, priorities and allowing more peace and joy into our days and spiritual lives?  Learn 3 questions you can use to keep your schedule and spirit uncluttered.

What Does it Take to Keep Honoring Each Other

Love & Marriage - how do we keep showing up in our marriages and honoring each other and God?  After 23 years of marriage I have learned a few things that keep my marriage strong.  It's not about perfection but about connecting, respecting and honoring each other and making that same choice every day.

Loving Other People Where They Are

Some days the most important thing I might do is make peanut butter toast for my son.  Why?  Because my eldest son has been going through a hard season of depression and I came to realize that showing up to make him what he will eat says more than my words in the language of love.

God is found in the details, in the service, in the doing, and in the noticing.  He is found in the choices we make to be an extension of hope, love, kindness and caring and today's episode is all about that. Because the small things are actually the big things.  Moments change lives. Let's be reminded of the most important work we do in the language of loving other people where they are.

The Holiness of an Invitation & Biblical Hospitality

We have all been called to show hospitality to others.  To welcome others into our homes and lives.  How do we do this in today's world?  Let's have a conversation around biblical hospitality and loving and serving others.

Are You Faithfully Following God's Plan for Your Life?

What can we Learn from Esther about Seasons of Preparation, Waiting, and Being Called into Action as Christian Women?

God has Called Us to a Life of Adventure

Are you ready to accept the invitation we've been given to step into the adventure of pursuing God and what he has for us? What can we learn about the life God is calling us into by looking at Jesus' life and scripture.

The Importance of Friendship & Connection

God Created Us to Live in Community. Why do we all feel so lonely after the pandemic and what we can do about it?  How can we still come together, to reignite our friendships and gather in community and work on building new friendships and community if we don't feel tethered to others around us. 

Let's be the friend someone else needs.  Let's build communities we wish already existed.  Let's extend the invitation and create beautiful relationships in our lives.

The Magic of Slowing Down

 How Can We Live at the Pace God Intended & Why We Need to Slow Down and Stop Idolizing a Hurried Life. We can live a more joyful life by living by Jesus' example- he was never in a hurry and was clear on his focus and made time to get quiet with God daily. 

Digital Proofing Our Kids for Today

We are disconnected from each other, distracted and addicted to our digital devices.  How do we raise healthy kids who know God has a purpose for them and that they are valuable in a world telling them the opposite?  Learn 6 strategies to help our families find more connection, joy and purpose. Focus:  Parenting