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Pamela Royster Recommendations

Submitted by Cathedral Of Fresh Fire, Inc. on 11/02/2015

Elder Phylis English, Pastor Of Women's Ministry

On Topic

Dr. Pamela Royster is a person of Christian integrity and faith and she is dedicated to uplifting Jesus Christ and edifying others by sharing and teaching the Word of God. She willingly shares her life's challenges and victories. Dr. Royster embraces spiritual and practical truths in her teachings with wise counsel. She offers a message of hope and connects with women in a way that can clearly help them through their challenges. She delivers messages with power, compassion and inspiration. She gives glory to God for her victories, plants seeds of hope and encourages others to live Christ-like. Her humility is reflected in her openness and willingness to do the work of the Lord wherever her hands find opportunity.

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Min. Christine Allen, Director Of Liturgical Ministry

Dr. Royster is a powerful and engaging speaker with an amazing God-given talent for using language and imagery in effective and meaningful ways. She is a Spirit-filled woman whose fervent faith is apparent in her message, style and delivery. Dr. Royster willingly bares her own soul and shares her life stories to testify to the amazing work that God has done in her own life. Dr. Royster is an amazing role model for all women, but especially those who are in pain and need to be reminded of Christ's power to turn any curse into a blessing. She delivers this message with great insight, depth, humility, hope and joy. It is evident that she has a very intimate relationship with our Savior.

Submitted by Cathedral Of Fresh Fire, Inc. on 12/11/2019

Reverend Emma L. Creamer, Pastor/Founder

Dr. Royster has distinguished herself as a beautiful and gifted woman of faith, strength, and extraordinary character. She is clearly led by the Spirit of God, applying sound biblical doctrine. She has proven to be an awesome ambassador for the Lord Christ. Dr. Royster continues to be a refreshing and well-learned voice to the Christian community in these last days and times before the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Submitted by Cathedral Of Fresh Fire, Inc. on 11/02/2015