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Barb Boswell Recommendations

Submitted by Hope 4 Women International on Wednesday, Apr 26, 2017

Rachel Eggum Cinader president

On Topic

Barb is creative, innovative, captivating and humorous! I highly recommend her as a speaker for any event!

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Alice Sanders, Purchasing Manager

Barb Boswell has been blessed with the gift of telling a story well. She uses humor, real life and a perceptive ability to draw truths out of stories she tells in such a way that her listeners are touched and changed by what she says. She has great energy and a sense of fun when engaging the wide variety of audiences she speaks to. At the same time there is always purpose in her presentation provoking her listeners to think on a deeper level. Barb has a sincere and authentic relationship with God and she lives her faith in a humble and real way. She’s fun to listen to and guaranteed to make you think. It’s a winning combination!

Submitted by Jubilant Hollister Stier on Monday, Aug 12, 2019

Joan Friel, Women's Ministries

Barb led our women's retreat on 'The Gift of Encouragement', and she was wonderful! I definitely felt encouraged, and felt able to be encouraging to others. I would definitely recommend her for a future retreat.

Submitted by Our Savior Lutheran Church, Issaquah, Wa on Thursday, Jan 17, 2019

Bonny Klukas, Women's Ministries, Pastors Wife

I would highly recommend Barb Boswell for any Ladies’ event! She brings the truth of the Word of God, along with some humor and experiences from her life. She is very enjoyable to listen to, but most importantly you hear a message that you can take to heart.
Barb is willing to assist the inexperienced with planning, budgeting, and advertising advice and resources. This takes away that ‘fear’ and instills that ‘can do’ attitude in those planning the event. You feel that you haven’t just “hired a speaker” but have a co-worker that cares that your event is a success.

Submitted by Columbia Bible Church, Rainier, Oregon on Tuesday, Jan 15, 2019

Nancie Carmichael Publisher & author of many books including The Unexpected Power of Home

I’ve been privileged to speak with Barb Boswell and hear her message of
faith. I love Barb! She is real; funny; and always points the listener and reader to
Jesus. I leave her presence feeling encouraged and armed with more answers to life’s
dilemmas. Because truly, Barb’s contagious strength is from the Lord.

Submitted by Publisher And Author, Deep River Books on Tuesday, Jan 15, 2019

Norma Monks, Pastor's wife

We had Barb speak at our Ladies Tea last year and everyone loved her and want to have her again! She is personable, funny and down-to-earth! I would recommend Barb as a speaker for any group! Her books are also fun, easy to read and inspirational. You will not be disappointed if you have this beautiful lady speak at your event!!

Submitted by Woodland Assembly Of God Church on Thursday, Apr 27, 2017

Rosalie Parker

Barb. Is a gifted and inspirational speaker. She connects with the audience through her humor and personality. I also enjoy reading her books. She is truly an annointed representative of Jesus!!

Submitted by Pastor's Wife on Thursday, Apr 27, 2017

Ramona Godel

Barb is a jewel. She is down to earth, walks the walk, not afraid to make a point, has lived through various trials, a good friend, and a beloved community member. But most of all, she loves the Lord!

Submitted by Fan on Thursday, Apr 27, 2017

Ali Helton

I love reading Barb's books and hearing her speak. She has an authentic faith and trust in God's providence that shines through her humorous perspective on real life.

Submitted by Stonebrook Church on Thursday, Apr 27, 2017

Phyllis Burchett

Barb is an awesome speaker. At Relay events she brings hope to every survivor in attendance. Her experience as a survivor makes her a perfect fit. At Women's teas or other church functions, her humor puts the audience at ease. As does her rule not to wear shoes while speaking! Her love for Lord is felt throughout her sharing. She's down to earth & easy to follow. I look forward to attending her events. Her books are fun & easy to read.

Submitted by Relay For Life on Thursday, Apr 27, 2017

Sally E Huttel

I first met Barb Boswell when she was a guest speaker at our Luminaria Walk at Relay For Life. She had my attention almost instantly... After that she spoke at the Valley Christian Fellowship Ladies Retreat which I attended... From that time on I listened to her every chance I could get and have been honored to call her friend... She has a very unique way of speaking where you actually get caught up in her themes. I believe that it is a very personal, natural way that she has of bringing God into her life and relating how HE has a way of steering her in the direction that he wants and needs her to go. As she laughingly admits, it's not always the way in which she was headed. She is one of very few speakers who I am always sorry to hear her end... If you look into her smile you are very keenly aware that she and God have become good friends. Any chance that you may have to hear her I strongly advise you to grab onto it...

Submitted by Cowlitz County Relay For Life on Wednesday, Apr 26, 2017

Mrs. Rita Walker

Barb Brewster Boswel is a phenomenal speaker. She has a gift to speak with a sense of humor and a way to keep the audiences interest.
She is very relaxed as she speaks which makes the audience be relaxed.
After her talks she is more than willing to speak personally with anyone afterwards.
Barb is a Christian woman with a heart of gold and her books have been inspirational to me. I couldn't ask for a better friend. Thank you Barb.

Submitted by Friend on Wednesday, Apr 26, 2017

Carol Ramsey

Barb is a warm, genuine Christian woman who I am so Blessed to have met as a result of her books being published. Her love of Jesus shines through as she writes and speaks. I highly recommend this most special lady to speak at your ladies' groups, teas -- just any opportunity to be Blessed and encouraged.

Submitted by New Heights Church on Wednesday, Apr 26, 2017

Marianne Smith

I heard Barb speak at a women's tea. She is genuine, humble, deeply faith-centered, and FUNNY! She connects to her audience and shares from her heart. She is well-prepared and organized. She is spontaneous but stays on topic. I hope to attend more of her presentations!

Submitted by Saints Cosmas And Damian Catholic Church on Wednesday, Apr 26, 2017

Marie Dezellem

Barb has a knack for sharing God's word in a way that is warm and engaging. A gifted story teller, she draws her audiences in and speaks truth clearly. She is genuine, easy to relate to, and great at sprinkling humor in along the way!

Submitted by Yamhill Christian Church on Wednesday, Apr 26, 2017


Barb is a great speaker who reacts to her audience and adjusts her talks accordingly. Very engaging and heartfelt.

Submitted by Creator Lutheran on Wednesday, Apr 26, 2017

Lillian Santa

Having read her books and having her as speaker at women's ministry retreat I can only say that if you want to be blessed, you Must invite her to your church/event. It will be very Memorable!

Submitted by Life Assembly Of God on Wednesday, Apr 26, 2017

Laurie Beth Scantlin

I've read all Barb's books and heard her speak on numerous occasions. My favorite thing about her is that she is REAL, and very down to earth. She is truly sold out for Christ, and able to share His love in a way that is very relatable & always hits home.

Submitted by Frio River Baptist Association on Wednesday, Apr 26, 2017

Beth Good

A sense of humor laced with Gods word and love. If you havent read her books or experienced her speaking you are missing out.

Submitted by Cosmetologist on Wednesday, Apr 26, 2017

Lynn Studer

I recommend Barb HIGHLY to speak at any women's gathering. She is true to the calling of the Lord & serves Him as best she can with her humor & testimony. He has blessed her mightily to speak from her heart in a very engaging way, through her own experiences & how she sees God in the every day experiences of life. I'm proud to call her my friend.

Submitted by Member Of The Kingdom Of God on Friday, Aug 19, 2016

Marianne Smith

Barb is a wonderful combination of deeply spiritual and genuinely funny. She shares the gospel message in an authentic way and uses many down to earth examples. I absolutely love the way she speaks bare-footed since she considers herself on sacred ground. I am confident that many people have found, or found again, their way to God thru Barb's testimony.

Submitted by Saints Cosmas And Damian Catholic Church on Monday, Aug 15, 2016


Our women's ministry has had Barb speak several times and she is a great speaker and author. She is a wonderful person and is easy to like and get to know. You will not be disappointed to have her speak.

Submitted by Bnc Women's Ministry Council on Sunday, Aug 14, 2016

Mary Abdi-Lutheran Women's Missionary League (Olympic Zone) President

Barb has been the featured speaker at two events I helped coordinate. She is a warm, humorous presenter who shares her faith by being herself-a little zany, but always walking with the Lord! She gives hope and inspiration with her upbeat yet meaningful presentations. Having worked with Barb to plan our events, I also can say she is really true to what she presents-a joy-filled, thoughtful woman of God! We love her!

Submitted by Lwml/epiphany Lutheran Church on Sunday, Aug 14, 2016

Rachel Eggum Cinader. Founding President of Hope 4 Women International

Barb was our keynote speaker at our convention and was amazing! I highly recommend her as a speaker! Everyone loved her!

Submitted by Hope 4 Women International on Saturday, Aug 13, 2016

Bonnie Lapp, Womens Ministry Council Member

Barb was the speaker at three of our Womens Ministry Retreats. She is fun and fantastic, but she makes you think. If you are looking for a speaker, I highly recommend Barb. You will be glad you did!

Through the years, besides being a great speaker, Barb has become a good friend.

Submitted by Beaverton Nazarene Church on Saturday, Aug 13, 2016

Joan skogen

Barb was the speaker at a women's conference I attended in Phoenix. She's hilarious , a great speaker and always encouraging others. She's down to earth and very real. You'll love her.

Submitted by Hope 4 Women Conference on Saturday, Aug 13, 2016

Marilyn Minner

Barb was our spiritual leader at our Women's Conference a couple years ago!!! She was engaging, humorous, Biblical and down-to-earth. It was a fun and informative two days!!!

Submitted by East Woods Presbyterian Church on Friday, Aug 12, 2016

Lily Clark

Engaging and funny! Truly an amazing, spiritual speaker. Highly recommended, you'll be so blessed.

Submitted by Church on Friday, Aug 12, 2016

Donna Waybright

Barb spoke at my church in Roanoke, Va a little over a year ago. Barb is a lady full of life. The love of Christ shines through her as she delivers each message. Not only is she a wonderful speaker, but an author who shares her own personal life and struggles, and how her dependence in Christ has carried her through each circumstances. The ladies loved her down to earth transparency and personality.

Submitted by Women's Ministry on Friday, Aug 12, 2016

Lisette Franko

I have known Barb for over 10 years and I admire her greatly. Her passion IS Jesus and everything she does she does to give Him the Glory! She is open and honest, will make you laugh and touch your heart in many ways.

Submitted by Longtime Friend on Friday, Aug 12, 2016

Holly Nida Saari

I have known Barb since we were freshmen in high school.. I have heard her speak and share the gospel. Also, I have read her books and have given some as gifts to women that I felt needed to experience some of her words during their troubling times. Barb speaks from the heart with a smile, some laughs and some tears. I would highly recommend Barb for your next event.

Submitted by Friend on Friday, Aug 12, 2016

Bonny Klukas

Barb always has a Biblical message delivered along with personal experiences and humor. I always enjoy hearing her speak. Her message always is right on!

Submitted by Columbia Bible Church on Friday, Aug 12, 2016

Rev. Chris Haughee, Reverand, Chaplain at Intermountain Residential home for children, Helena, MT

I am so pleased that Barb has continued to let God use her and her talents as a speaker and writer. As a friend and colleague in ministry, I am impressed with Barb's balance between humility and conviction. She speaks and writes from her heart, and always in a transparent manner that makes you feel like a true friend, a real confidant. She's real and authentic in a world that is often anything but ...I am sure you will find her words to be a Spirit-filled breath of fresh air.

Submitted by Former Pastor, Woodland Presbyterian Church on Friday, Oct 30, 2015

Carol McCallum, Friend and former worship leader

Barb has the unique ability to immediately capture and audience, hold their attention with humor, and deliver a life lesson straight from the heart. I have had the pleasure of hearing Barb speak to senior citizens, church congregations and women's conferences. She has a strong relationship with her Savior and seeks to do His will, not her own. Barb's stories will touch your heart, make you laugh and in the process, bring to face to face with Jesus Christ.

Submitted by Friend And Former Worship Leader on Friday, Oct 30, 2015

Sue Miholer, Freelance Editor

Be prepared for a good laugh -- and maybe even a good cry when you read or listen to Barb. God has given her the gift of delivering the message of His love and grace in the everyday-ness of life. When you least expect it, she'll deliver a zinger to make you sit up and take notice. You'll get to know her Jesus in a very personal way.

Submitted by Freelance Editor on Friday, Oct 30, 2015