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Peg Arnold Recommendations

Submitted by Cris Carter Law, LLC on 09/01/2021

Cris Carter

On Topic

I was captured by Peg Arnold’s authenticity, passion and wit as I saw her present biblical vignettes at a women’s retreat. Peg has a truly unique style of delivery. Her use of drama, life stories and humor allows her teaching to remain memorable long after experiencing her presentation. If you are looking for a speaker that delivers her message differently and impactfully, Peg Arnold is the speaker for you.

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Judy Brummeler, chairman of our Woman's Retreat

Peg Arnold met with 20 of us via Zoom with an uplifting message portraying the love of Christ with enthusiasm and humor. Her energy was shining through as she demonstrated the Armor of God with props significant to the verses but demonstrating in a clear way how strong and dependable the love of God and Jesus Christ is using this armor in today's world.

Submitted by Elk Rapids First Presbyterian Church on 04/12/2021

Judy Morrison

Peg is an amazing woman! With her drama, wit and love for the Lord portrayed she captures her audience and keeps them wanting more. With her genuineness and warm, caring heart each one of our ladies are wondering when she is going to come back! She has spoken at two of our ladies events now and when the planning for others starts one of the first topics that come up are "where can we fit Peg in". Her willingness for transparency in allowing the Holy Spirit to work through her messages as well as in her writing is outstanding. If you're looking for speaker to create a warm atmosphere for your event while speaking God's word she is definitely the speaker for you!

Submitted by Ascent Church In Evergreen, Co on 03/02/2020

Debbie Russell

Peg brings biblical principles to what we are experiencing on a daily basis to every age through laughter and tears.
Very relatable. She speaks from her own experiences as a women of God. Very kind and approachable. ♥️

Submitted by New Hope Church on 12/10/2019

Marietta Dicken

I had the pleasure of seeing Peg while attending Winsome Women retreat on Mackinaw Island, Michigan. The characters she played made sense and touched my heart. I can relate to her characters. Making me realize how I can reach out to others.

Submitted by Marble Memorial United Methodist Church on 11/18/2019

Karin Stout

Amazing! Uplifting! Motivational! Heart touching! These all come to mind when I think of Peg Arnold. Peg is a woman of true faith using the gifts God has given her to bless others!

Submitted by Women And Adult Program Coordinator, Ooltewah, Tn on 08/28/2019

Reverend Emily Flemming

We welcomed Peg as a preacher's kid and well-trained speaker to our church and pulpit when she relocated to Windsor a few years ago. First, we invited her to teach a class on crafting interactive and engaging children's sermons. Our volunteer leaders were impressed! So we invited her as a guest preacher in my absence. The congregation was thrilled with her energy, passion, professionalism and open heart. She will bless, organize, lead and guide you and your organization in powerful ways!

Submitted by First United Methodist Church Of Windsor, Co on 08/27/2019