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Leslie Jackson

Christian Speaker
White Bear Lake Minnesota 55110

Rated 5/5 (3 Recommendations)
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You are wonderfully made!

You are wonderfully made!

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White Bear Lake, MN 55110
United States of America

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  • 1979
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  • The Village Church
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More About Leslie Jackson

Author, speaker, business owner, and race car driver, Leslie Jackson, inspires women to position themselves to win. She'll help you dig deep to discover your true potential and go after your God-given dreams.


Leslie Jackson gives hope and encouragement to people and businesses who want to embrace change and become the best version of themselves. Leslie is a race car driver and enjoys helping others get in position to win. She started her racing career in 2012 and still enjoys racing today. In this male dominated field she has taken 1st place twice and finished in the top 5 countless times.

Full of adversity throughout Leslie’s life hasn’t slowed her down. She lived with a rare childhood skin disease that made her look like a leopard with red spots, pregnant at age 17 and divorced multiple times. God chose to heal her health twice showing her redemption and love. God also told her to write a book so others can know they are not alone and are loved.

On a personal note, Leslie recently jumped up two classes in dirt track racing and is now in the process of learning how to race her new Street Stock car. Reminding her to be brave, try something new and don't be safe and stuck.

We are all in this together, conversations welcomed. Leslie@LadyRacing.com

Leslie Jackson Recommendations

Submitted by Styled By Sarah-Christian Image Consultant on Monday, Jan 20, 2020

Sarah Bechard

Leslie openly shares memorable moments on her faith journey. As she connects with her audience, Leslie utilizes every opportunity to motivate and encourage them. From start to finish, Leslie drives listeners to finish the race set before them, no matter the obstacles along the way.

  • On Topic

  • Biblical

  • Engaging

  • Memorable

  • Authentic

  • Recommended

Submitted by Productions By Sally Vardaman on Saturday, Dec 07, 2019

Sally Johnson

Leslie was in my first production. Over a year later when people stop me to comment on that show, they cite her story in particular. She is that rare speaker who has her own voice from deep within. This brings a genuine connection with the audience because she really shares her deep self and deep sense of hope. She is also incredibly easy to work with.

  • On Topic

  • Biblical

  • Memorable

  • Authentic

  • Recommended

Submitted by MN Independent Guardian At Litem on Friday, Dec 06, 2019

Jo Johnson, Owner

I have known Leslie for years and feel she is very strong and caring. She can do anything she sets her mind to. I highly recommend her.

  • On Topic

  • Biblical

  • Engaging

  • Memorable

  • Authentic

  • Recommended

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Leslie Jackson Speaking Topics


What do you need to overcome so you can believe God loves you unconditionally, unrelentingly, and forever? Divorce, addictions, shame, and the list goes on. We all have had adversity...


Be Comfortable in Your Skin; have you noticed magazines have flawless airbrushed faces on the cover? We journey through this topic together and discover how you were uniquely made...

Embrace Change

Change is not something to be feared. Change is a transition from one season to the next and critical to your growth. If you are stuck and fearful of change, let Leslie inspire you...

Shame Game

Step out of the shame game and into HOPE.  We all have stories of trials and triumphs, but some of us find ourselves held back by shame. Leslie shares the process of leaving...

Lady Racing

Lessons learned from behind the wheel.  Leslie shares what it's like to drive in a race car on a dirt track. This male dominated sport is not normally a place a woman hangs out...

Healed Twice by God

A sinner, yet God healed Leslie twice! She was healed physically and it impacted her to the core and made her seek God all the more. God called her to write a book about her life’s...

It Starts with a Spark

Leslie Jackson inspires others to live life to its fullest, aim to have a super day, every day, and celebrate each accomplishment. You are unique for a reason, embrace it!  Believe...

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Keynote Video

Keynote video sample to give you and idea of my stage presence. The message for each event is customized depending on the needs of the event and audience. Leslie Jackson www.LadyRacing.com ...

Posted by Leslie Jackson on 03/06/2020

Speaker Promo Video

Looking for your next event speaker? I would be delighted to be of assistance and bring value to your event. This video gives you a snapshot into my stage presence. Please contact me at Leslie@LadyRacing.com We are all in this together, looking forward to meeting you! Leslie Jackson www.LadyRacing.com ...

Posted by Leslie Jackson on 02/12/2020