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Tina Haisman

Christian Speaker
Wheeling Illinois 60090

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You can become bitter, or you can become better!

You can become bitter, or you can become better!

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Wheeling, IL 60090
United States of America

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St. James Catholic Parish
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More About Tina Haisman

Tina Haisman is a speaker, podcaster and life coach who taps into her hard-earned wisdom to help women shift their perspectives to create more connection and intimacy in their marriages. 


Back when my children were five and two, I found myself at 5:00 one morning sitting on the side of my bathtub feeling exhausted, lonely and lost. I whispered to God in the darkness, “I don’t think I can do this today.”

But, what did I have to be so miserable about? On the outside, everything looked perfect. I was married to my prince charming. We lived in sunny Florida in a beautiful house. I had two beautiful, healthy children. I was keeping my career going with a freelance business.

I had everything I ever wanted … so how could I possibly be unhappy?

But being a mom was so much harder than I thought. Balancing motherhood with my career was even more challenging. And I was often frustrated with what I felt was an unbalanced workload in our home.

By chance can you relate?

That morning sitting on the edge of the tub, God heard my pleas. He answered my prayers. He sent me a writing assignment for a parenting magazine that would teach moms how to get everything done for their families, but still have time and energy for themselves.

Doesn't that sound amazing?! 

My editor asked me to interview a couple of life coaches for the story. And that is where I met my life coach! She gave me tools and strategies to take my life from barely surviving to majorly thriving.

As I was working with her, I felt so much more joy-filled and purpose driven than I had been probably in my whole life. 

I was right there at the top of my game as a mother and professional, and I was working on my faith life, too. I thought life was good … until I found myself in the middle of a full-blown marriage crisis.

Before this experience, I couldn’t understand in my heart how you put God first, family second. But now that my family was potentially being ripped apart, I saw exactly why it should be that way. God first. Of course. This was a HUGE shift in my spiritual journey. I knew I had to put this problem in God’s hands. If God wanted us together, he was going to have to make it happen.

And I also made a decision. That no matter what happened to my marriage, I was going to be a better person because of the experience. Seriously. That was my attitude. I did not want to waste one single day of my life being bitter.

By the grace of God, my husband and I worked things out. Now, we have built a marriage that neither one of us would want to leave.

I learned so much through this experience that I felt called to become certified as a life coach so I could teach other women what I have learned about thriving in motherhood and marriage. So what are you waiting for? Let's go!


As a little girl, I knew God. As an adult, I came to know Jesus. 

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