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Stephanie Jones Recommendations

Submitted by Giving Hearts A Hand on Thursday, Aug 01, 2019

Cortney Meyer, Co-Founder

On Topic

Stephanie Jones is an amazing speaker with an amazing message. From the moment she walks on stage, she captivates her audience with her contagious smile and motivating message. She will share her giving journey with you, while she inspires you to start a journey of your own. Whether it be one of her Dream Board workshops or her talks about her personal giving journey, she will empower you to want to live a better life. I highly recommend Stephanie for any speaking engagement, as you will leave feeling like you can change the world, one small gift at a time!

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Courtney Fokianos

Stephanie is one of those rare people you meet who just makes you feel special, seen, and heard. She is genuine and supportive. Her knowledge and wisdom blow me away. She's also the epitome of humility, a rare quality in today's world. I first saw her speak at a women's tea, and she caught and held my attention the entire time. Pretty soon I was out of my chair reaching and "stretching" myself. I'm normally more of an observer than a participator. Love Stephanie Jones. She touches the hearts of everyone she meets!

Submitted by Storypoint Senior Living on Sunday, Jul 28, 2019

Lauren Peller

Stephanie Jones is an incredible and inspiring speaker. Her grace, joy and pure heart shine through when she speaks. Her smile warms the room. And her message will leave you feeling inspired and ready to go out and do good in our world. I believe she represents the goodness in our world. She is powerfully positive and I would recommend any organization to have her come in and speak to spread her message and to leave you wanting to do something nice for the next person you run into.

Submitted by N/a on Tuesday, Jul 23, 2019

Mary Beth Schultz

I am the Executive Director of The Caring Place providing services and safe shelter for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Stephanie had an unwavering spirit and a dynamic message everyone needs to hear. Her positivity is contagious. She reaches the audience with heartfelt stories and suggestions to improve the quality of life. Through the giving gal message Stephanie has also enhanced the lives of the people I have the privilege to serve.

Submitted by The Caring Place on Monday, Jul 22, 2019

Donna Lind, Lay Leader

Stephanie's passion for her message is evident from the very beginning and she immediately brings her audience along on her journey. Her examples are relevant, her stories are genuine, she brings humor into her message and she is simply a joy to be around.

Submitted by New Song Fellowship on Sunday, Jul 21, 2019

Amanda Fronek, Owner

I have had the privilege to see Stephanie speak multiple times at several faith-based and church-hosted events. Her shared experiences are so real and relatable-they speak straight to my heart, and one glance around the room affirms that many others feel the same. I always leave her speaking engagements feeling renewed, motivated and inspired to live the best life possible.

Submitted by Independent Accounting Services on Friday, Jul 19, 2019

Arona Martin Owner

I recently heard Stephanie speak at TedX. Out of all the amazing speakers, she had me nodding yes, and immediately thinking of how to apply her generosity to my own life! She has an effortless gift of inviting people into her giving story that made me want to start right then. Her strong faith shines as she perfectly weaves it into her storytelling. As an event producer, I am often asked to book speakers for corporate events, and Stephanie is now at the top of my list! I can see why she is so in demand!

Submitted by Because Love on Wednesday, Jul 17, 2019

Madison McCreary, Teacher

I have heard Stephanie speak on several different occasions and I have also advocated for Stephanie to speak at my school. The first few times I heard Stephanie it was amazing to hear her story and how it brought the people in the room together. In fact, there was a teacher in the room that was talking about how she had shared Stephanie's idea of giving with her class. A group of girls took it upon themselves to give their time to a boy with autism at lunch and sit with him. Turns out this boys aunt was also at this speaking engagement and she started to thank the teacher for how those girls have helped her nephew. After hearing this, I just felt the power of Stephanie's messages and I feel that her message can truly impact the lives of everyone. When Stephanie spoke at my school she spoke to the parent group on how to challenge their families to give. It was truly amazing to hear how Stephanie could reach and impact people of all ages.

Submitted by Education on Tuesday, Jul 16, 2019

Lisa Wanek, Program director

Stephanie is a very engaging, authentic speaker. She relates to the audience in a personal, caring manner and draws you into her life experiences. I felt moved and convicted to begin the giving challenge in my own life. The emails that she sends kept me motivated and inspired to continue my giving journey! Because i was touched by her story, we are scheduling another date to have Stephanie speak at our local YMCA this fall!

Submitted by Girls To Women Mentoring on Tuesday, Jul 16, 2019

Becky Wilburn, Business Associate

Kindness & giving matters. When you give selflessly to bless others, you are enormously blessed in return. These themes are the foundation of Stephanie’s book, “The Giving Challenge” and her motivational speaking engagements. Stephanie encourages you to think about how you can purposefully spend your time giving to others. She provides easy, practical ways you can incorporate giving generously to others as an integral part of your every day life. You will walk away inspired and transformed, ready to give and bless others.

Submitted by Youth For Christ on Tuesday, Jul 16, 2019

Alison Quackenbush, Strategy Consultant

I have had the pleasure to hear Stephanie Jones speak on multiple occasions, addressing audiences of varying sizes and purpose. In each setting she is warm and personable, relatable and realistic, and most of all compelling. Her message is life affirming and uplifting but she is so much more than a motivational speaker. Through her words she draws the audience into a self reflection, personally challenging how they might too move more towards the daily practice of giving. She does this by articulating multiple examples and identifying the simplicity of our options as givers. Of course by the end she summarizes the benefits to all involved. The world would be a better place to have her message shared and philosophy practiced. Have Stephanie to your organization and continue the movement.

Submitted by Entreprenurial Business Consultant on Tuesday, Jul 16, 2019