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Tanya Jolliffe Recommendations

Submitted by Pregnancy Care Center Of Southeast IN on 01/19/2022

Karla Raab, Client Services Director

On Topic

Tanya is one of our outstanding presenters at the PCC on the topic of Healthy Pregnancy- Body, Mind, and Spirit. She consistently receives great ratings from those in attendance due to her content and rapport with the clients. Tanya is an organized and dedicated presenter who is very engaging! I highly recommend her as a presenter on this topic!

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Liz Faison, Certified Personal Trainer and Life Coach, CEO

Tanya delivered a message of compassion, and hope. She shared her own journey with transparency, and passion. She knows her stuff and was able to effectively communicate her message while giving our listeners hope.

Submitted by Fit For Christ Wellness on 02/13/2022

Tonni Jobe middle grades coordinator

Tanya has spoken to my students on two occasions this year. She did a wonderful job engaging them. She spoke on topics that were relative to them. She was able to tie scripture to the nutrition lessons she taught. It was Biblical and relevant. My students love her!

Submitted by Wesley Chapel Mission Center on 03/27/2021

Janine Clay, Social Marketing Manager

It is my pleasure to recommend Tanya. During our time together, Tanya provided great suggestions and tips based on the subject (behavior change and health for hard to reach populations). I was immediately impressed with her technical skills and delivery. Each time we spoke, she delivers key messages in a practical and comfortable format. More importantly, she was wonderful to work with. I appreciate her quick response, flexibility, and can-do attitude.

Submitted by Icf Next on 03/25/2021

Keara Heard

Tanya was a guest speaker at our Thursday night women's ministry meeting. She was AMAZING! She educated our ladies in a way that left everyone thinking about making healthier choices and to give up the fad dieting plans and to make healthier changes daily. Some women have even incorporated her suggestions from her book into their recovery goals.

Submitted by Mosaic Women Ministry on 02/24/2020

Bob Perry, President

Tanya is one of the most knowledgeable Health & Wellness professionals I have ever worked with. Tanya possesses the skill set to both educate, train, and communicate her knowledge to all sectors and populations, including at the executive levels. Tanya is excellent in facilitating and participating in round table sessions as well.

Submitted by Health In Transportation on 02/18/2020

Rae Lynn DeAngelis Founder/Executive Director

Tanya is a top notch speaker! She is a great communicator and engages audiences from start to finish. She has spoken at several events through our organization over the years, and each time Tanya presents, I come away learning something new. Tanya is very knowledgeable and passionate, and she speaks with authority over the topics which she presents. I highly recommend her as a speaker for your event.

Submitted by Living In Truth Ministries on 02/13/2020

Matt Taske, Director of Alumni Engagement

Mount St. Joseph University holds a personal and professional development series with different topics each month. In January 2020, Tanya Jolliffe was our presenter on stress management, and how nutrition impacts stress management. Without question, Tanya's presentation was the most informative, and there was more interaction than any other month. Multiple associates that stuck around after the presentation to ask Tanya questions, and she was more than accommodating to answer every question. I HIGHLY recommend every organization bring Tanya as a speaker!

Submitted by Mount St. Joseph University on 02/13/2020