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Jill Richardson Recommendations

Submitted by Minneapolis First Free Methodist Church on 10/31/2015

Ken Henry, Retired pastor

On Topic

"When Jill accepted our offer to be our preaching pastor, our congregation was very enthused over her speaking and preaching. They enjoyed her command of the language and the Bible and its application. I personally kept all her freelance articles in my sermon files and used them as illustrations in sermons. She spoke and wrote from personal experience and from creative stories and in a very clear way.
She also showed us a heart for the salvation and spiritual welfare for her neighbors, not only at church but in her neighborhood and in the way she taught and exampled for her children. This impressed us all.
Jill persevered in getting her M.Div and achieving the award of Best Preaching from Bethel despite the obstacles--I'm grateful to have been a part of that."

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Diana Flegel, Agent

Jill is a well traveled and published author with a relevant message for today's Christian Woman. She will delight the listeners, and they will leave with a broader knowledge of who they are in Christ as well as have enjoyed her fellowship.

Submitted by Hartline Literary Agency on 01/27/2023

Erick Ewaskowitz, Lead Pastor

Jill's many years of experience in ministry, drama, and writing give her a unique blend of gifts that is a blessing to both the church and the community. Her creativity and artistry are rare qualities, and her voice is one that needs to be heard. We are blessed to have her as a part of Resolution Church.

Submitted by Resolution Church on 10/24/2022