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Joy Trachsel Recommendations

Submitted by Chapel In North Canton on 11/02/2015

Kristi Stephens, Women's Ministry Director

On Topic

Joy Trachsel was a pleasure to work with. As a planner, I appreciated her responsiveness to our goals for this event, crafting talks which fit beautifully into our larger focus for the year. She speaks with a warmth, authenticity, and humor that the women at our retreat responded to immediately and thoroughly enjoyed.

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Kathy Bohatka, office secretary

Joy Trachsel was a wonderful speaker for our fall women's workshop. She shared her experiences of God taking her through difficult times and encouraged us to say Yes to God trusting Him with every step while acknowledging all the other things we balance with that call like family and self care. She also shared some very practical tips of keeping focused on God as you navigate that journey. She referenced God's Word and humbly kept the focus on His glory and direction rather than on her own path even while being very open about difficulties she has faced. We would love to have her speak again at future events!

Submitted by Community Of Hope Lutheran Church on 10/25/2022

Wendy Leppert, Founder

Joy speaks from the heart. Her love for Christ shines through & the Love she feels for women & leading them to the Lord is contagious! I would highly recommend her for your next event!

Submitted by Elevated Women’s Speaker on 10/04/2021

Chrissy Feathers, Christmas Coffee Chair

We loved Joy and her message. She was refreshing, exuberant, and encouraging. We had many great comments from the women attending. She was easy to work with and flexible as well.

Submitted by Women In Search Of Him @ Morgantown C&ma on 01/06/2020

Patti McFeely, President

We discovered Joy last year when we were searching for a keynote speaker for our annual womens conference. Our group of 5 women met her for dinner one evening and we knew she was the one for our conference immediately and that God had brought us to her for a reason!

At our conference, she gave a powerful presentation called "Running in Flats". I am so happy to say that she had such a wonderful impact on our women! The survey's afterwards confirmed what we already knew after our weekend - she brought us all a message that we were meant to hear! She shared the Word, used scripture and shared stories of her life that helped show what God had done in her life and what He could also do with our lives as well!

Joy is still a dear friend to many of us and we follow her blogs and Facebook postings regularly :) We look forward to inviting her back again one day soon! I highly recommend her to any group looking for a biblical and authentic speaker!

Submitted by Women In Ministry - Alliance Friends Church on 09/04/2019

Terri Groh, Director

Joy was a pleasure to have as a speaker. She was personable, clear in her presentation and inspiring. She used scripture throughout her talk and tied in personal stories which kept the women engaged. I would highly recommend her as a speaker. She was easy to work with and made sure that she understood our needs and what we were looking for in her interactions with me.

Submitted by Alliance Women Of The Northeastern District on 05/01/2019

Deborah Warren, Faith-based Empowerment & Mindset Coach

Joy is such a joy! I love her spirit and being in her presence is like being in the presence of an angel. She spoke recently at the Elevated Women’s Conference in Charleston West Virginia and she endeared the audience with her story about her journey to her destiny. She left us feeling inspired to break forth to fulfill our own destinies! Truly Joy is a woman after God’s own heart.

Submitted by Deborah Warren Coaching on 03/23/2019

Carrie Reichartz

Joy was amazing as the final keynote at our full day event. ALL the participant reviews were raving about her and wanting to hear more from her. She was pleasant to work wth getting us what we needed to prepare for event in a very quick and timely fashion.

You will not be disappointed if you choose Joy!

Submitted by Infinitely More on 03/01/2019

Stephanie Miller

Joy is a very polished speaker. You can absolutely tell she has years of experience. In her workshop, she was very transparent and authentic, and connected well with the audience.

Submitted by Butterfly Beginnings- Personal And Spiritual Growth Coaching on 08/29/2018

Wendy Leppert, Founder

Joy has a true heart for the Lord and it shines through when she speaks!
She has such a way of connecting with her audience and getting the message through to them on a personal level.

Submitted by T. R. U. E. Body And Soul Ministries on 08/29/2018

Pastor Jerry Witt, Co-Senior Pastor

God has uniquely gifted Joy with the ability to reach the heart of women because of her life experiences and to present an illustration, which allows your mind to visualize what she is saying. She has a passion to see others know Christ and experience the meaning of being fully adopted into God's family plus being completely accepted as His beloved. Joy has energy, humor and a great talent for communicating life principles to her audience. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a dynamic speaker.

Submitted by Hope Community Church on 11/02/2015

Brooke Taylor, Radio Personality, Speaker, Blogger

Joy is truly the embodiment of her name! A dynamic speaker with a warm heart that radiates a love of Christ. As a radio personality, I am blessed to encounter many wonderful speakers, and Joy is one of the dearest to my heart. Joy has a gift for delivering her message with humor and wisdom in a perfect combination of warmth and reliability. She also has a particular talent for making it seem like she is speaking to you alone, making audiences irresistibly drawn to her.

Submitted by Saint Gabriel Media.com on 11/02/2015

Ben Arment, Author Of Dream Year

Joy Trachsel is passionate about giving voice to the marginalized people in our society. Her compassion will move you and her words will inspire you.

Submitted by Ben Arment, Author Of Dream Year on 11/02/2015