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Kathy Young

Laurie is wonderful to listen to. She's articulate and well versed in her subject. There's always a message that's easy to grasp because she doesn't veer from her subject matter. I've enjoyed and been blessed each time I've listened to Laurie.

Submitted by Ladies Adult Bible Fellowship on Friday, Sep 21, 2018

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Evelyn Wright

I have been blessed to attend several of Laurie ‘s presentations. Laurie brings theses women of the Bible alive with great clarity. Her skill and expertise make the women she portrays so real, it is exciting to enjoy getting to hear their story and message come through the years to help the listeners in our lives and challenges today. I very highly recommend Laurie to any group or event. You will be blessed!

Submitted by Casas Church on Thursday, Nov 08, 2018

Joyce Sanford

As the Director of a women's Bible Fellowship Group I have worked with Laurie on multiple occasion. She is always biblically accurate and her characters are riveting. Whenever I announce she is going to be our guest, attendance spikes.

Submitted by Retired on Wednesday, Sep 19, 2018

Carole Arnett, Regional Mgr.

Laurie Kiel is absolutely a gifted speaker. I would highly recommend her.

Submitted by Emerson International on Monday, Sep 17, 2018

S Boettcher

I highly recommend Laurie for your next church speaker. Laurie's monologues on Biblical characters is so engaging. She has done a lot of background study on the characters but through her monologues we get to know these characters in a new, more in depth way and we are reminded of their humanness. Laurie's monologues make you think and make you laugh and she makes the Bible come alive. Laurie would surely be a great addition to your women's retreat, your Bible study group, or your Sunday morning sermon.

Submitted by Casas Church on Sunday, Sep 16, 2018