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Sara Borgstede

Christian Speaker
The Holy Mess
Tonawanda New York 14150

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The Holy Mess: Balancing Faith, Family, and Fitness

The Holy Mess: Balancing Faith, Family, and Fitness

Contact Information

Name The Holy Mess
Tonawanda, NY 14150
United States of America

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St John Lutheran Church
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Experienced (over 10 events)
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More About Sara Borgstede

Sara Borgstede loves helping busy people balance faith, family, and fitness. A speaker, writer, triathlete, and 100 pound weight loss success story, Sara fits in fitness while supporting her husband Mike in his ministry as pastor at St John Lutheran Church in North Tonawanda, New York. They have 5 children through birth and special needs adoption and were foster parents to 35 other children. Sara enjoys catching quick power naps.

Sara loves meeting new people and speaking to groups of all sizes about finding balance, weight loss, fitness for people of all ability levels, special needs parenting, women's ministry, life as a pastor's wife, and Christian spiritual growth. Find her at www.theholymess.com, Facebook, and Instagram.

Speaking topics:

The Holy Mess: Balancing Faith, Family, and Fitness

Find balance on your calendar and hope for the craziness! We’ve all been there. Life seems a swirl of never-ending stuff to do. Have you taken on too much? Is there a deeper meaning? And where ARE those lost socks without matches?

During this presentation you will:

  • Learn the 4 areas of life to keep in balance. (Yes, only 4!)
  • Discover a helpful process for deciding when to say “yes” and when to say “no”.
  • Find practical ways to grow your faith and find sacred time in the every day moments.

(Sorry, you might be on your own for the lost socks…)

Note: This talk is great for churches and women’s groups (MOPS, women’s Bible studies, and retreats).

From Couch Potato to Triathlete: How I Lost 100 Pounds Using These 7 Weight Loss Secrets

Hear Sara’s story of how she overcame life-long eating issues of compulsive and binge eating, lost over 100 pounds, and moved from hating exercise to becoming a triathlete. This is one of Sara’s favorite presentations to give! Learn the amazing story of how she has overcome a lifetime of eating issues and she has found freedom around food.

You will:

  • Learn the 7 weight loss secrets that helped Sara lose over 100 pounds and maintain that loss for 10+ years
  • Discover ways to fit exercise into everyday life. You will learn some tips about how to like exercise if you secretly hate it. (That used to be me!)
  • Be encouraged for your health and wellness.

I Didn't Sign Up for This: Hope for Special Needs Parents

Are you the parent of a special needs child? Special needs parents, come and connect heart to heart during this meaningful presentation. No one else quite understands your life like someone else who has walked in similar shoes.

Sara and her husband Mike are the parents to 5 children, including 2 children adopted with special needs.  In addition, they were foster parents to 35 foster children.  They understand the road walked by special needs parents.

This hour will impact you for years to come.

Walk away from this presentation having learned:

  • How do I find time to take care of myself and my child?
  • Will my marriage survive the stress?
  • Learn the #1 way to maintain a healthy family.

Foster and Adoptive Parents: 10 Traits You MUST Have to Parent Kids From Hard Places

Foster and adoptive parents must have a unique skill set in order to parent children who have survived abuse and early trauma. Without these 10 traits, you will crash and burn.

Sara and her husband Mike were foster parents for 6 years and had over 35 foster children in their home adopted 2 children from foster care with special needs. They’ve parented babies with G-tubes and oxygen to teens with attachment disorder. It didn’t take Sara & Mike long to realize they had to learn new skills to parent these amazing yet challenging children.

Learn at this presentation:

  1. The 10 traits you MUST have to parent kids from hard places.
  2. Specific, practical parenting techniques that work. (I know, because I’ve tried a bunch that didn’t work and found the ones that do! –Sara)
  3. Ways to keep your sense of humor and joy intact.

A Holy, Messy Christmas

Life seems to get more hectic and messy with each holiday season, yet we all yearn for a holy season of calm. Whether single or married, hosting your first Christmas gathering or have celebrated many seasons, this talk has something for everyone. During this presentation you will learn:

  • How to host a peaceful holiday for your family and loved ones.
  • Tips to eat in a healthy way yet still enjoy treats through the holiday season.
  • Practical ideas for simplifying the celebration.
  • Ways to get it all done without losing your mind!

Peaceful Hearts in a Messy Life

Pastor’s wives, you have a unique calling as you serve alongside your husband. There is no job description, no salary, yet there are expectations. Learn:

  • how to maintain a peaceful heart in the midst of ministry challenges.
  • how to use your own spiritual gifts and talents.
  • how to best support your husband in his calling.