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Barb Roose Recommendations

Submitted by Impact Products LLC on 09/23/2017

Todd R. Frendt

On Topic

We contracted with Reiso Resources for Barb to conduct a management and supervision session on communication and she knocked it out of the park with her "Five Tools for a High Five Leader!" By far one of the best educational sessions our team has ever participated in. Barb was engaging, dynamic and very personable and made you feel very comfortable to participate openly. The concepts she presented are being used every day by our team and we are definitely seeing a difference! We highly recommend Barb for your leadership teams.

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Kim Chesnut, Go Red For Women Director In Dayton, Ohio

Barb was a true professional to work with! Her message was impactful and delivery was extremely well received. The feedback has been awesome and there was definitely something for everyone to take away in her message. I can't wait to work with Barb again in the future! She is a beautiful person inside and out!

Submitted by American Heart Association on 11/13/2021

Lauren Gaskill

Barb is an excellent communicator and it has been a pleasure to have her speak at our women's events through the She Found Joy ministry. With years of experience, Barb knows how to perfectly deliver a message for any and every audience. It is a treat to hear her speak!

Submitted by She Found Joy on 07/09/2021

Tricia Fox- Women's Ministry Program Assistant

Barb lead our "Courageous Women" conference and was an absolute delight. She has the power to connect with all women and energize them. She told engaging stories that helped us all see how God works and is present in our every day lives. We learned how to let worry stop conquering our fears and how to lead our best lives!

Submitted by Marietta First United Methodist Church on 11/29/2018

Brittney Fann, Founder

Barb is a passionate and inspirational speaker. She is authentic & memorable and knows how to connect with everyone in the audience! She is passionate about sharing God's word, as well as her own personal stories, to really encourage women of all ages. Her books are fabulous, and will keep you entertained and inspired. I highly recommend her for your next event!

Submitted by Beauty Fit For A Queen on 11/29/2018

Rebecca Perkins, Women's Ministry Leader

Barb spoke at our Women's Fall Kick-Off Event for our small groups. She was engaging, humorous, and so authentic in her presence and message. God's Word was her central focus, and she was not afraid to challenge us and bring us out of our comfort zone. As a result, we have a lot of women involved in our fall small groups, doing the Joshua study written by Barb, "Winning the Worry Battle." May God continue to bless you, Barb, and use you for His glory and His honor!

Submitted by St John Mennonite Church on 11/13/2018

Rex Stump

Barb Roose was fantastic! Her passion for God, and her obedience to speaking His truth was powerful. She was great to work with before and after the event. She was confident in how she carries herself, but humble and personal in dealing with the lives of those she served. A few of our leaders have picked up her materials and have stayed in touch, as they have been spiritually impacted by the truth of God that Barb has shared. A servant of God, full of hope and truth.

Submitted by Fellowship Of Christian Athletes on 09/21/2018

Wendy Yeager

Barb was absolutely fantastic!!
Engaging, authentic, humorous, challenging, and practical describe Barb’s heart and delivery!
We decided that we would love to hear from Barb every month!
The Lord has uniquely gifted Barb to identify with and pour into women.
I recommend her 1000%!!!

Submitted by Tabernacle Toledo on 09/19/2018

Sara Swisher, Director EPIC Toledo

Barb made the biggest impact of any speaker at our full day conference. She was able to connect with our audience of young professionals in a dynamic way and months later they are still talking about her! Her message was tailored perfectly for our audience and challenged them to make the most of the day.

Submitted by Epic Toledo on 03/19/2018

Lori Schofer, Women's Director

Barb was a keynote speaker at our women's conference just this past weekend. She was a pleasure to work with, so flexible and positive. When Barb got up on the platform to speak she just came alive. She connected with the women and shared a powerful message. I highly recommend Barb as a speaker for your event.

Submitted by Iron Sharpens Iron on 10/20/2017

Kim Porter Music and Creative Arts Director

Barb's personal stories connect you to what she is speaking about and her passion for seeing women discover their worth and beauty in Christ is contagious. She is authentic and teaches with Biblical authority and insight. It was a joy to work with her at our women's retreat!

Submitted by The River Church on 10/17/2017

Leslie Fischer

Barb brought so much energy to our retreat. She shared Biblical truth with great opportunities for application!

Submitted by Gitche Gumee Bible Camp on 09/29/2017

Kayla Kowalski - Co-Founder

From beginning to end, Barb was nothing short of amazing.
A baby ministry, we are still new to hosting speakers and Barb was full of grace. What took me most by surprise was her honesty about how she decides if she will do an event. Her desire to put Jesus first, to make sure it was God first, her second - I was blown away.
The day of our summer event, Barb showed up prepared, on time and was the perfect mix of personal and professional with our guests.
I was thankful for Barb for being respectful to the day's schedule.
Upon review of the surveys guests filled out, the response to her two part talk on Surrender and Self Discipleship were all very positive.

If you are considering Barb, be prepared to feel challenged to do better every time you interact with her. She was such a blessing to my women's ministry and the women who heard her. A genuine lady - walks the talks she gives!

Submitted by Revive 4:14 Women's Ministries on 09/06/2017

Leslie Shalda, committee member

Barb was so much more than a guest speaker at our women's event last month! She has a genuine love for our women's committee and helped us with the planning process along the way. I can't express enough how giving of herself she is. In addition, the feedback we received from women who attended our event hands down included their love of Barb. Her love of Jesus and connecting women to Him through her topic (C. A. R. E. S.) , energy and enthusiasm is a blessing!

Submitted by Whiteford Wesleyan Women on 06/02/2017

Kimberly Marr - Worship Pastor/Women's Ministries

I was very pleased with our experience hosting Barb. She was well-prepared and flexible. She presented herself as a real woman with real issues and connected well with the ladies at our retreat. Her speaking topics coincided with our retreat theme and served to make everything feel cohesive. She even took her relatability up a notch when she surprised us by joining in on late night game time! She truly was a blessing to the ladies at our retreat!

Submitted by Calvary Bible Chapel on 05/24/2017

Patricia Deaton

Barb Roose was the speaker at our morning women's retreat at our church. Area churches were all invited. We had close to 80 women attend. Barb spoke with a spiritual depth that only comes from years of experience and gaining wisdom. She was well prepared, dynamic and addressed areas all women need to hear but seldom deal with - how to take care of ourselves: clothing, exercise, appetite, rest, and being grateful. All these areas have both physical and spiritual applications to help us be all God wants us to be! Women left encouraged, energized and refreshed. Women ask to have Barb back, and that's the highest compliment to a good speaker.

Submitted by Grace United Methodist Church on 05/16/2017

Tamar Gray Assistant Pastor

Barb Roose spoke at our conference in Cleveland in April 2017. What powerful messages we received on being a woman who cares and surrender. Her humor and Holy Spirit filled attitude connected with all the ladies at our conference. We so appreciated the biblical scriptures and practical applications. Wow!

Submitted by Edgehill Community Church Lily Women's Ministry on 04/30/2017

Carol Bumbalough, Adult Discipleship Program Director

Barbara Roose was an excellent speaker for our Women's Conference. She brought a Bible-based, encouraging, engaging message laced with humor and personal testimony which received great feedback from our attendees. Her books flew off the shelf after the conference! We highly recommend Barb Roose to other groups who are seeking an inspiring and encouraging speaker for their event.

Submitted by Brentwood United Methodist Church on 04/26/2017

Catrina Hubbard

We had a women's event for 300 women in Logan, Ohio. Barb Roose was dynamic. She used to Word of God to bring women before the Throne. She captivated the audience and when she was finished, you knew you had heard what God wanted you to hear. I would recommend her to any audience.

Submitted by Rise Up Event on 04/05/2017

Lance Finley, Executive Director

Barb did a tremendous job for us. She taught around the disciplines of execution. It was an extremely helpful experience. She engaged our leaders well and kept them processing the real impact of the information.

Submitted by Churches Of God, General Conference on 03/28/2017

Rev. Glenna B. Manning

Barb was an excellent presenter. She was authentic and so relational with the women who attended our Women's Event. She was extremely well-prepared, planning ahead to provide necessary information, and extremely professional. Her heart for Christ is so apparent and she sincerely blessed each event participant. She blends just the right touch of humor, sincerity, emotion while encouraging women on their faith walk. I am blessed to have spent time with her on her visit and I would highly recommend her as a speaker for future events.

Submitted by Concord United Methodist Church on 03/10/2017

Nichole M. Russ, BS, RHIT, President

The Northwest Ohio Health Information Management Association is truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to hear Barb Roose speak. She had an amazing presence in the room and had our audience of 140 hooked for the entire presentation. I would like to give Barb the highest of recommendations as she gave our audience a sense of empowerment, self-worth, and confidence. She gave an inspiring presentation that was enjoyed by all!

Submitted by Northwest Ohio Health Information Management Association on 02/14/2017

Lisa Cross, Coordinator of LeadershipONE

Barb was very engaging. She presented a rather broad subject in practical terms and gave guests an opportunity to discussed what they were learning in real time. She is a tremendous speaker.

Submitted by Winebrenner Theological Seminary on 12/02/2016

Amanda Nelson - Director, Corporate HR

Barb spoke at our HR Conference with both men & women in the audience on the topic of personal leadership. Barb instantly created a connection with our leaders with her credibility & authenticity. Since it was a workplace setting, she relayed Biblical principles, such as kindness, without making our attendees feel "churched." I received multiple, unsolicited feedback from the audience that they loved the content she presented, the conversations she provoked, and her delivery style. I would highly recommend Barb to speak in a professional setting.

Submitted by Therma-tru Corporation on 11/30/2016

Amanda Nelson - Director, Corporate HR

Barb spoke at our HR Conference with both men & women in the audience on the topic of personal leadership. Barb instantly created a connection with our leaders with her credibility & authenticity. Since it was a workplace setting, she relayed Biblical principles, such as kindness, without making our attendees feel "churched." I received multiple, unsolicited feedback from the audience that they loved the content she presented, the conversations she provoked, and her delivery style. I would highly recommend Barb to speak in a professional setting.

Submitted by Therma-tru Corporation on 11/30/2016

Jennifer Shock, Director of Women's Community

Barb is a dynamic, fun speaker whose humor and compassion communicate to women how loved and precious they are. Barb is vulnerable and real, qualities that all women are drawn to.

Submitted by Vineyard Cincinnati on 10/26/2016

Tonya Weeks

Not only is Barb Roose an amazing author who is deeply rooted in God's Word, but she is also an exceptional and encouraging speaker. She has a passionate way of drawing her audience in with real-life stories, humor, and indepth wisdom.

Submitted by Group Leader on 10/08/2016

Wendy Standinger - Women's Ministry Director

Barb was a big hit at our women's retreat! Her tender heart and passion for Christ was evident throughout the weekend. She is a gifted speaker - she brought us to tears one minute and had us laughing the next! Her desire and willingness to minister to our women before and after the main sessions was a blessing as well. Barb has an amazing testimony of God's grace (which was our theme) and she displays grace to all she meets. Everyone loved her!

Submitted by H2o Church - Collegiate Church Nework on 04/14/2016

Deb Butler - Women's Ministry Leader

Barb spoke at our women' s retreat and was fabulous! She was captivating, insipirational, humerus, and real. Barb had us laughing, crying, and thinking. She has a heart for God and wants women to really encounter God.

Submitted by Bowling Green Covenant Church on 04/11/2016

Paula Lang, Women's Ministry Promotion Coordinator

Barb's message about God's view of His children's beauty deeply touched all who attended our women's conference by revealing another level of Gods love. The level I'm speaking of is the intense level which enables all who listen to think differently about old habits, negative narratives and unwelcome comments from people regarding a woman's appearance. She's the real deal!

We can hardly wait to work with Barb again. Barb provides custom-fit inspirational messages of God's love that deeply touch women. Not only is Barb gifted with words but she also provides invaluable resources for event planning, recommendations on graphic print media, promotional video, marketing and presenting our Women's Ministry event. It is so easy to plan an event with Barbs wisdom and knowledge.

Submitted by Sidney First Umc on 04/04/2016

Christine Sweeney, Pastor

Barb came to speak to our women's small group last year as we began a study of her book, Enough Already. She was so relational, engaging and informative as she talked with us on the topic of beauty. After her talk, so many of the women in our group expressed how challenged they were by her content and how blessed they were by her transparency and humor. She is a top notch speaker who brings expertise, humor and humanity in her presentations.

Submitted by The Tabernacle on 04/04/2016

Angie Roehm, Director of Women's Community

In a heartbeat, our conference team would recommend partnering with Barb Roose for future events. Barb spent time talking to us not only about her specific role, but learning more about the vision and heart of the conference. This translated into her meeting and exceeding all deadlines and expectations our team had for her role within the conference.

Submitted by Vineyard Cincinnati on 04/04/2016