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Paula Abbott Recommendations

Submitted by East Texas Women Of Faith on 04/12/2019

Debbie Brock, Founder

On Topic

I have had the pleasure of hearing Paula Abbott speak many times and each time it has had an incredible impact

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Margaret Johnson, Regional Administrator

It is my pleasure to recommend Paula Abbott to you as an inspirational speaker that God uses mightily. Paula's story is one that powerfully impacts both the Christian and the non Christians. Recently I have heard her in 3 different outreach venue's of Stonecroft Ministry. Each time there were decisions for Christ indicated in response to the gospel being presented. Many wanted to talk more with her later privately. God has worked so powerfully to transform Paula's life that she is compelled to tell others. She can identify with men and women from all walks of life. Her heart especially goes out to the women in the shelters who are aching. Every Monday since she received Jesus as Savior she has gone there to minister. Her faithfulness is in reaching out to others in obedience whether in churches, retreats, in shelters, or at outreach events like Stonecroft holds. Paula will go where ever God opens the door. She is a great ambassador for Jesus Christ.

Submitted by Stonecroft Ministries on 06/23/2021

Marilyn Shannon, Chair

She is one of the very best ever and her love of OUR LORD AND SAVIOR IS SIMPLY CONTAGIOUS! Thanks to all who had anything to do with training this beautiful young speaker! Please, don't misunderstand me, all our speakers are true blessings but Paula is in that special list of those who are so refreshing!!!!! Francine StoneCroft Chair ___________________ Thank you so much for speaking at the South Austin Christian Women's Club. I called Cindy Simmons our area Representative for Stonecroft Ministries to tell her how impressed I was with your presentation. You are certainly one of the best speakers we have ever had, if not the best! You were so very honest about your personal life and gave the prayer for salvation so clearly. I can't tell you how much I appreciated you traveling to speak for us. Of course the greatest testimony is the teen aged grand daughter who was visiting her grandmother, who is a personal friend of mine who received Christ. It makes it all worth while!

Submitted by Stonecroft on 01/14/2016