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Susan Lawrence Recommendations

Submitted by Australia/New Zealand GAL (Girlfriend Assisting Leaders) on 10/30/2015

Wendy Jones, Australia/New Zealand GAL (Girlfriend Assisting Leaders)

On Topic

I have known Susan for 2 years. Susan has a burning desire to help women from all walks of life, so that they can reach their God-given potential. She is a great encourager, motivator and a Godly woman who just wants to serve our Lord and help other women to be women of God. I have attended a number of conferences where she has been the speaker and I also have the pleasure of meeting with her monthly on internet networking sessions.

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Kimberly Price, Girlfriends Unlimited Coordinator

Susan is a passionate encourager of women everywhere as well as a very gifted speaker. God has given her the ability to connect with women on many levels and encourage them to seek their full potential in Christ. She is such a blessing to so many and it's a pleasure to call her my friend.

Submitted by Girlfriends Unlimited Coordinator on 07/12/2023

Larry Crane, Children's Minister/Group Ambassador

Susan Lawrence is a gifted speaker with a genuine infectious love for Jesus. Her passion is to speak to the heart of women with words of encouragement, humor,hope and the power of God's word. She is a student of God's word and her wisdom is evident when she speaks.

Submitted by Cherry Hills Baptist Church on 01/18/2023

Audrey Bowden, Women's Ministry Volunteer

Susan Lawrence is a creative, gifted woman of God. Her love for the Lord shines through all she does, her care for women is evident in how she can encourage someone in any circumstance, and can always see the positive side of all situations. She is able to communicate effectively, competently and can do so at any type and size of gathering.

Submitted by Women's Ministry Volunteer on 10/12/2022

Shannon Hoagland Mother/Daughter Camp Coordinator

I have had Susan speak at 2 different Mother/Daughter Camp events and also at our Ladies Banquet for church. She is a breath of fresh air and brings such a joy with her to the event. I would highly recommend her for your next speaking engagement.

Submitted by Sterling Christian Church on 11/13/2021