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Alana M. Hill Recommendations

Submitted by Medidata Solutions on 12/22/2018

Tiffany Harris, Program Manager

On Topic

Alana Hill is an absolute inspiration! I've had the opportunity to witness her talents through training seminars, reading her books and hearing speeches. She has the ability to truly connect with varied audiences and really speak to your soul. Alana draws on her faith and life experiences as a catalyst to offer her best self every time she presents. Her warmth, wit and humor are also endearing. I've been blessed every time I've heard her speak!

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Anthony Ally Servant-CEO

Alana is an energizing engaging speaker who openly shares God's Love and applying wholesome principles to all of life! As an award-winning public speaker training technologists and engineers to grow their business & corporate presence with stronger ethical persuasion skills, I am blessed to regularly coach executives and corporate managers to increase their impact. Watching Alana speak on stage multiple times, I wholeheartedly recommend her as a trusted Speaker! She will deliver what she promises and do it passionately and skillfully!

Submitted by on 08/13/2019