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Angel Ruiz

Christian Speaker
Angel Grace Outreach
St. Peters Missouri 63376

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Sharing my passion for Jesus by singing, speaking and teaching for over 25 years

Sharing my passion for Jesus by singing, speaking and teaching for over 25 years

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Name Angel Grace Outreach
St. Peters, MO 63376
United States of America

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More About Angel Ruiz

Hello and warm welcomes to Angel Grace Outreach Ministries I want to take this time to introduce myself and explain what Angel Grace Outreach is and our goals.

I am Pastor Angel Ruiz and founder of Angel Grace Outreach Ministries. I have been sharing my passion for Jesus by singing, speaking and teaching for over 25 years. I am an ordained Christian Pastor, Licensed Christian Counselor with a Master of Divinity degree and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from Liberty University.

It has long been been said that I have a unique way to bring the audiences inspiration and encouragement. I use my own life experiences with deep transparency to bring you laughs and teach of God’s Grace and mercy. Each mistake brought wisdom, each crisis brought clarity and each outcome brought hope. I am not ashamed but instead CLAIMED by Jesus!

Angel Grace Outreach was originally founded in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, Louisiana. I lived there at the time.  I was called into action as a medical professional who needed to give emergent care to those being rescued from the deadly flood waters. I found not only did people need medical attention they needed hugs and unimaginable amounts of hope. People needed more hope than I knew how to give.  I quickly turned to my armed National Guard detail and said, ” I need a minute alone, do not panic, just give me a moment.” I then walked away to a small corner and I knelt on my knees right there in the complete chaos and prayed. The Lord laid upon me that I needed to tell people of HIS hope when I saw them and my name was going to be the way to open up that conversation. So, I took my name tag, grabbed my surgical scissors and cut off my title. Now all it read was, Angel. Many beautiful things happened in those dark days. I believe with all my heart a mission for leading people to Christ began in the darkest hours of the darkest moments in some of the hopeless people that I have ever met. They were angry and God was first to blame. Remember, I said that I had armed military assigned to me? Yes, they never left my side the entire 10 days following the storm relief efforts.  I could not even use the bathroom without them being present. I was in a very dangerous and desperate atmosphere. Yet, I never felt afraid, angry or exhausted. What the devil meant as complete destruction within a city overflowing with muddy waters and hurting people, Jesus brought light in more ways than I can describe. Years later, people still lovingly call me, “Precious Angel”, “Porcelain Angel”, “Angel Love” and many more sweet names. I know, some of this will sound like I have an ego…but I promise, I am actually rather shy and very humble! I share only because to GOD goes ALL the glory of everything that has happened since that day on my knees in prayer! God has lead me to do inner city mission throughout New Orleans, LA. and St. Louis, MO. in some of the most gang ridden, drug laden and deadly neighborhoods. I have lead people to Christ by gaining the trust of those communities by my tireless efforts and willingness to not see race, religion or poverty. I choose to see people who want to be better and need love. I choose to see people created just like me by the same God as me! I have never feared anyone I have met in my missions. I have honestly met scarier people inside churches than on the streets. People who act the act but don’t walk the walk…you know who i mean! So, my missions have turned more to reaching this group for GOD. Laying it out and letting God reach them. Inspiring women and men of faith to get real, get right, dig in and dig deep for Jesus!

My Goal is to keep inspiring people wherever I speak, sing or lead a group. Although, my mission has transformed a bit from a medical and needs based outreach on the streets to more speaking, teaching and singing in churches or arenas…God always plants me where he needs me!  It does not matter if it is a group of 4, 40 or 40,000. The message of God’s word is alive today just as it was yesterday. I especially love to inspire women groups and I feel God has greatly blessed me in this area. I love to share and let the Holy Spirit do the rest! 1 Thessalonians 5:11, states “Therefore, encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” Life is hard and the devil takes full advantage, so it is my passion to build Gods kingdom one soul at a time.

In closing, let me just say…I would absolutely LOVE to meet you! I would love to share and show how it took LORD lead GRACE to conquer many unbelievable trials in my life from birth to today.  I am not afraid to be real! If your looking for a candy coated gospel teacher to not make waves…I may not be your, best booking. But, if you want real life encounters with Gods grace and honest biblical explanations of significance… which brings laughter, tears and hope…I would be honored to talk and pray with you about booking an event.

Love, Hugs and Grace,

Pastor Angel Ruiz