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Civilla Morgan Recommendations

Submitted by City Of Life Church on 10/31/2015

Justin McNeil, Pastor

On Topic

I had the opportunity of working with Civilla in January of 2010. I helped managed a major effort to bring relief to Haiti after the devastating earthquake. As an online reporter, Civilla interviewed me as a means of helping get the word out about our effort. She was extremely professional in the interview and upon reading the article she produced I was very pleased with how she presented us. Since then, she has written more articles about our church and special events and I can always expect excellence in writing and presentation from her.

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Alphonse Knight

Civilla Morgan is a person of high integrity and her honesty comes out in everything that she does. She is a trustworthy person . I find her to be an excellent communicator and has a passion to share her faith with others. Her book, Down Again, is an excellent book and is loved by everyone who has read it. As a young girl in her father's church Civilla started writing and sharing her thoughts through poetry with others. Civilla is destined to accomplish great things in her life with her writing and speaking talents.

Submitted by Knight Productions on 04/18/2019

Carlos Woodruff

I've known Civilla Morgan personally and professionally for 5 years, and she has proven to be extremely professional, honest, reliable, and dependable. I would definitely recommend Civilla to anyone, she is a great resource and truly an asset to have on your team.

Submitted by Stepping Stone Financial Services on 10/31/2015