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Pamela Randolph

What a wonderful and inspiring presentation. Sharon is so encouraging. As she presented her amazing life story, her words were stirring and uplifting. How God's plan prevailed, unfolding in her life story, was presented as comfortably as "the girl next door"---but what an awesome neighbor! How His Divine Timing for His Purpose, required patience, and how many times she had to wait for His Plan to unfold, is a common lesson for all of us to learn. Allowing God to move stepping stone pieces in place, especially using creative talents, for His Glory, has its rewards. Sharon's easy and comfortable style in communicating with an audience, made an entertaining informative session. And her beauty shines like Light from within.

Submitted by Cwima Member on Friday, Aug 24, 2018

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Sharon Wilharm Most Recent Recommendations

Hannah R. Conway, Author

Sharon Wilharm wows an audience, and they can’t help but be drawn in. The ways she teaches…the stories, the visuals—worth hearing and seeing!

Submitted by Author on Friday, Feb 15, 2019

Meghan Weyerbacher, event coordinator

Our church was so thrilled for Sharon & Fred Wilharm to come and speak, as well as show their latest film, Summer of '67. Not only was her story moving, we were so grateful the way the film raised conversation and brought people of all ages together. We were brought to both tears and laughter, and I hope we can have them back sometime!

Submitted by Countryview General Baptist Church on Thursday, Sep 06, 2018

Laverne Barton, author

As a former Toastmaster President, I have a special appreciation for Sharon Wilharm's speaking style. She is genuine, inspirational and funny. I loved hearing the SUMMER OF '67 back story and the movie itself. It is an awesome accomplishment that she talks about with enthusiasm and humility.

Submitted by Member Of Cwima on Monday, Sep 03, 2018

DonnaMarie Vaughan

I first met Sharon in the summer of 2018 when we were both speakers at the Great Lakes Christian Film Festival. Sharon was there to discuss promotion and marketing of films, but her insight, knowledge and experience could be utilized not just for film, but for any product or service. Additionally, Sharon was open, friendly - and best of all - approachable -not just during Q&A, but throughout the festival. She truly wants to help you help become successful! I would highly recommend Sharon Wilharm as a speaker. I rate her 6 out of 5!

Submitted by Writtenby Dmv on Thursday, Aug 30, 2018

Crimson Rose Sugg, Film-maker

Ms. Sharon Wilharm is an inspiring woman who shines God's love! I absolutely love what she shared, it was founded in truth and very encouraging!

Submitted by Triple Gryphon Confederacy Productions, on Friday, Aug 24, 2018

Katherine Johnson, Director

Sharon's speaking manner is engaging, honest, and full of humor.

Submitted by Sheepshed Entertainment on Wednesday, Jan 03, 2018

Lynn Ramona

Sharon Wilharm is a powerful Speaker. She shares her heart and feelings with the Grace of God. Her sharing knowledge is fantastic

Submitted by Christian on Wednesday, Jan 03, 2018