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Mecca S. Carter-Marshall Recommendations

Submitted by Hearing God's Word Ministry on 08/25/2020

Chandra Torres

On Topic

I had the privilege of hearing Mecca S. Carter-Marshall speak in Chillicothe, Ohio, at a Ross County NAACP fundraiser. Her message was engaging, well researched, and delivered with grace and charisma. She was very factual and informative and shared life lessons to encourage and offer hope to the audience. Mecca S. Carter-Marshall is offering hope to all who will listen.

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Brenda Anderson-Henry

I had only visited Mt. Zion Baptist Church a few times before I had the pleasure of hearing Min. Dr. Mecca Carter-Marshall speak. Her sermon was so touching, I felt compelled to join the church. Little did I know, that was her first trial sermon. Phenomenal speaker!! You want to hear an inspirational speaker that speaks with transparency, this is the lady to hear.

Submitted by Mt. Zion Baptist Church on 08/21/2020

Rev. Cheryl Powers

Dr. Marshall speaks with clarity and conviction from her heart, from her life experience, and from her relationship with God. She comes prepared, connects well with her audience, delivers a dynamic message as "food for thought" that serves as a call to action for the greater good of all.

Submitted by Mt. Zion Baptist Church on 08/21/2020