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Carol Fawcett-Smith Recommendations

Submitted by Omak SDA Women's Ministries Dept on 04/27/2017

Dede Lavezzo, Leader

On Topic

My Women's Ministries had Ms Smith as our speaker for our annual retreat this year. She spoke with me at length in reference to the needs of our women, the type of women we have related to each one's spiritual experiences. She chose a topic that perfectly (!) fit our group! Entitled: You Are God's Masterpiece, she began the 3-day retreat with our need to trust-casting all before God; moving the next day to identifying our divine design, given to us uniquely by God Himself. Third day we worshipped at sunrise with prayers and aligning our design to God's design: His purpose and vision for each one of us. Woven throughout the retreat was pray times, music, and creativeness with art projects. It was WONDERFUL.. We left the retreat identifying with Jesus as our perfect example and ready to walk hand in hand with Him.

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Audie Silber Or Tamie Gierth, Director; Treasurer Team

"Carol was a favorite seminar speaker at Northern California Christian Women's Retreat. You'll appreciate her encouragement and spiritual insights!"

Submitted by Christian Women's Retreat, California Conference on 01/05/2023

Janice Cavaliere, Missions Leader

"Carol is not only a committed and highly educated Life Coach but she is also a warm loving person who is an excellent listener and sensitive to her client's, able to 'hear' what is unspoken - She relies on spiritual insight and direction from the greatest mentor of all - she indeed acts as the Lord's hands, feet and heart. Carol's own life experiences have helped to mold and shape her into a teacher who has walked in many of our shoes. Carol helped me reach a point of breakthrough which has changed my life - giving me the freedom to continue to grow and change spiritually, emotionally and in my personal relationships. I highly recommend Carol for Life Coach, Mentor and Teacher."

Submitted by Real Estate Broker on 09/26/2022

Terrie Leen Griebel, Woman's Ministries Field Coordinator

Carol Smith spoke recently at our Women’s Ministries Leadership Retreat. Carol is a pleasant and positive woman. Her love for Christ and enthusiasm shines brightly through her.

Submitted by Oregon Conference Of Seventh-day Adventist Woman's Ministries on 12/21/2021

Lutz Binus, Senior Pastor

Currently serving as an active leader in prayer ministries, teaching Bible classes and health outreach ministries. Carol loves the Lord and faithfully shares her spiritual gifts and talents.

Submitted by Springfield Adventist on 08/03/2021

Linda Fay Sampson

Carol's sermon at our Church on April 22, 2017 was a wonderful answer to prayer for me!
Carol started with Jesus' invitation, "Come to Me all you who are weary and heavy burdened, and I will give you rest," and led us to the emotional moment of being able to put our specific burdens at the foot of Jesus' cross! And, oh, how I needed to do that!
Carol's love for God shines through in all she does, and Carol's passion for God's Word is contagious!
I would be delighted to attend any workshop, seminar, or Church service that she leads!
Carol truly is a blessing!

Submitted by Springfield Seventh-day Adventist Church on 04/29/2017

Lynette Schenkel, Head Elder

Carol spoke last weekend (April 22) at our church. She was well prepared, thoughtful and inclusive in her presentation. Her presentation appealed to women, men, young and more mature (!) individuals. Her appeal was especially moving and received broad-based participation. Christ and healing was the center of her theme. I would gladly attend one of her presentations/sermons again and recommend her as a speaker without hesitation or reservation. I was blessed.

Submitted by Springfield Seventh-day Adventist Church on 04/27/2017

Norah McCorkle

Carol Smith presented an excellent retreat at Winthrop, WA in April 2017. She established rapport with the ladies, and she brought fresh insights from her vast experience and training. She was accessible for one-on-one conversations. She stressed Biblical concepts and shared her creative ideas with vision boards and story ropes.

Submitted by Omak Seventh Day Adventist Church, Omak, Wa on 04/25/2017

Katie Brazelton, Ph.D., MDiv, MA, Lifetime Principal’s Credential Founder

I affirm that I trained Carol Smith as an Instructor for Life Purpose Coaching Centers International®. I first met Carol in 2006, and she began to complete five levels of intense training to become an instructor. She was a diligent student and has served God well through our ministry over the years. She has taught many individual students, facilitated life plans, and coached countless other women. I have received excellent feedback and reports from her coaching students and teaching team co-leaders. She has presented seminars and conferences in Alabama, California, Canada, Oregon, Idaho, Washington and Jamaica about life purpose, and she loves to share her personal testimony of surrendering to Jesus, the Lord of her life.

Submitted by Life Purpose Coaching Centers, International on 10/30/2015