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Dallas Louis Recommendations

Submitted by Trinity Lutheran Church on 10/31/2015

Dr. Richard C. Noack, Senior Pastor

On Topic

Dallas holds firm convictions and vibrant Christian faith. She is filled with zeal for the benefit and welfare of young mothers and their families. She works tirelessly to lead, guide, train, encourage, empower, and mobilize young women in the ways of the Lord Jesus Christ and to His glory. I have not met a more enthusiastic, dynamic, and committed young Christian woman.

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Susan Stuhr, friend

Some people are blessed with the ability to speak to people from their hearts. I truly believe that Dallas is one of those persons that God has chosen to further His purpose. She has the gift needed and desires to connect with people and make everyone feel special in their own way. She is very comfortable speaking to both large and small groups, and I am confident she makes an impression on each person in the room.

Submitted by Friend on 10/31/2015

Mardon Hickford, friend

Dallas is a beacon of light the moment you meet her and God's Word emits from her as though it is second nature. She is a spirited and true evangelist without even trying to be. It is amazing to observe others as they listen to Dallas speak and see the encouragement and inspiration that comes over them as they hone in on her stories and study. Dallas is comedic, truthful, empathetic, and full of spunk! It is fun to watch her bounce around while she speaks as she engages her audience with candor, laughter, and humility.

Submitted by Friend on 10/31/2015