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Kimberly MacNeill Recommendations

Submitted by Clovis Hills Community Church on 03/03/2020

Liz Fields, Pastor of Discipleship & Women Ministries

On Topic

Amazing! Simply amazing. I love Kimberly's way with words. She conveys the word of God with such passion and in a simplicity where people of all ages are able to understand and interpret the message. She is a great storyteller! I truly love how she weaves her personal stories throughout the text as she illustrates biblical truths. I would highly recommend Kimberly as an extremely gifted Christian Speaker!

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Abby Williams

Kimberly is an excellent speaker who intertwines her passion for shepherding women, and spiritual gift of discernment, to empower and motivate those looking to grow closer to Christ. I highly recommend her to speak in any setting that involves females and males. She is inspiring and a powerful teacher that knows the Word of God and is able to help others better understand the promises of Christ.

Submitted by 4word on 09/14/2021

Debbie Heinrichs, Womens Ministry Leader

We had Kimberly as our retreat speaker for two of our women's retreats. She is an excellent communicator, shares the Word in an effective, practical, and applicable way to each of us. Kimberly is personable and a pleasure to work with. We look forward to having her speak at a womens event again.

Submitted by New Life Baptist Church on 02/28/2020

Shalyn Eyer, Guest Services Director/HR

Kimberly joined us to speak on Faith in the workplace and it was fantastic! Through clear and concise content, great visuals and stories that connected with our audience she brought to life the very real Great Commission right in your own workplace. How to show up authentically for Christ through your actions and words with coworkers, clients and customers! She made such an impact that people are STILL speaking about it several months later. Kimberly is truly a blessing to any audience she speaks to - I've had the privilege to see her address audiences of all ages, and experience how remarkably she adapts to them all! She has a spirit-fire in her that is all consuming and spills out on those she's around.

Submitted by Church Of The City on 02/28/2020

Jennifer Dial

Kimberly is an amazing speaker. She has a calling on her life to speak and is excellent at sharing Gods word using authenticity, humor, and confidence. She is very engaging with her audience. One of my favorites!

Submitted by Forest Hills Baptist Church on 02/25/2020