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Elizabeth Clamon

Christian Speaker
Relentless; Lache pas lal patate
North Carolina

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Relentless; Lache pas lal patate, Be Relentless; Never give up, no matter what hardships you may face, dig deep within yourself and find the strength and courage to continue.

Relentless; Lache pas lal patate, Be Relentless; Never give up, no matter what hardships you may face, dig deep within yourself and find the strength and courage to continue.

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Name Relentless; Lache pas lal patate
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  • 1970
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  • The Bridge Christian Church
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More About Elizabeth Clamon

Elizabeth is a naturopath who is living proof that natural healing and the power of prayer work. 

She has not only survived, but thrived, despite childhood abuse, being chronically ill, and left disabled and bedridden for twelve years from an auto accident. She provides an insightful, inspirational, and educational experience to inspire people to overcome obstacles and live their dreams. 

Elizabeth earned her Bachelors’ Degree in Holistic Nutrition and a Masters’ Degree in Naturopathic Medicine from Clayton College of Health.

She also studied psychology at Louisiana Baptist University.

She is a business owner, professional speaker, International bestselling author, and consultant who works with client's to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She brings a unique perspective to audiences by not only sharing her twenty-two years of experience in the health and wellness field, but also her experience as a chronic pain patient, military spouse, homeschool mother, and survivor of childhood trauma. 

In Elizabeth’s talks, your audience will gain valuable information on how God can take any obstacle and use it for good to overcoming trauma, and adversity with actionable steps that they can take immediately to pursue living to glorify God and be relentless in the pursuit of their relationship with Him, their health, and their purpose, so that they can not only survive, but thrive, enabling them to live their best life. 

Elizabeth Clamon Speaking Topics

Overcomer: Turn Obstacles into Opportunities

Everyone faces obstacles in their life. We live in a fast-past, ever-changing world and we must learn to adapt and overcome to not only survive, but thrive. We must learn to chose...

Relentless Pursuit; Lache pas la patate

Women struggle every day to find work/life balance. We often find ourselves just trying to survive one day to the next while trying to accomplish five times as much as our mothers...

Remember the Butterfly effect? How everything effects everything; How Stress effects your Health

It's time to reduce stress, prevent illness, and live your best life. We struggle every day to find work/life balance. We often find ourselves just trying to survive one...

Be a Trailblazer; Don’t be afraid to Blaze your own Path

Identify your purpose and passion so that you can blaze your own path. Choose to overcome your insecurities and follow what God has called you to do. It’s not always easy...

Thrive don’t just Survive; Healing the Whole Person Mind, Body, and Spirit

Get up every day Striving to Thrive in life and not just Survive another day. Poor health is not always just physical, the main cause of many illnesses is a combination of factors....

Elizabeth Clamon Events

Elizabeth Clamon Resources

Voices of the 21st Century: Women Who Influence, Inspire and Make a Difference

A collection of stories from thirty women speakers that range from overcoming adversity to graceful aging. My chapter is based on my own story of overcoming lives challenges to glorify God. My chapter found on page thirty-three is entitled Relentless and is a brief snapshot of my story and my talk by the same title. Be relentless! Never give up! No matter what hardships you may face, dig deep within yourself and find the strength and courage to continue. Often relentlessness can be thought of as a negative; however, I think of relentlessness as a positive. It’s the quality of being tenacious,...

Posted by Elizabeth Clamon on 10/19/2018

20 Chronic Illness and their Natural Healing Solutions

What is Chronic Illness? A chronic illnesses can be any condition from cancer, to Lupus,  Fibromyalgia  , Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression,  Anxiety  , and scores of other conditions. We know that there are certain things that can trigger chronic illness and there is a good probability there is a genetic predisposition for one, but it's never the same for two people, even two with the same illnesses. This book explains twenty chronic illnesses and natural ways to treat them and possibly even reverse them. In this book you will find suggestions for  dietary changes,...

Posted by Elizabeth Clamon on 09/19/2018

Remember the Butterfly effect? Everything effects everything; How Stress effects your Health

Stress is a Killer! Yes, stress kills! In modern life, we live in a constant state of stress and it is the cause of many of the chronic conditions we suffer from today. This book is one of the best resources you will find on ways to reduce stress naturally. I will walk you though many different things you can do to get your life back and reduce your stress, so you don’t end up like I did chronically stressed and ill. These stress reduction teichniques are easy to implement into your daily life. I promise that if you follow this simple how-to guide and implement just a few of these techniques...

Posted by Elizabeth Clamon on 09/19/2018

Beautifully Broken

Even though we can’t choose the adversities that come against us, we can choose how we let them effect us. We choose to let them make us better or bitter. We can choose to heal, then use these adversities to teach us, help us grow, and let God use us them to help others.  Brokenness       Are you Broken? Elizabeth shares the story of her humble beginnings and the events in her early childhood that began her brokenness. How stress effects you, even pre-birth, and how she chose not to let the brokenness define her.  The First Major Crack    ...

Posted by Elizabeth Clamon on 08/12/2018

What is your body trying to tell you?

What is your body trying to tell you? Your body always sends signs and symptoms that can reveal clues of certain instabilities and indications of illnesses. To interpret the body’s distress signals, there should be a deeper awareness and understanding of what the message means. And if these signs persist, you should get a consultation to expertly identify the problem behind the sign before they become an urgent need. The body is a magnificent machine. When things go awry, it generally doesn’t just shut down without warning, like an incandescent light bulb popping its filament. Instead,...

Posted by Elizabeth Clamon on 06/13/2018

30 Must have Weight Loss Tips and Tricks

This guide includes 30 tips and tricks to help you lose weight naturally. Including: -Healthy Mindset-The trigger that makes you realize you don’t lose weight through a diet, but through a lifestyle change, is different for everyone. Drastic dieting can be a vicious cycle that leaves people angry, depressed, frustrated, and finally just giving up. But if you learn a healthy way to approach weight loss, both mentally and physically, you can find long term success. -Foods to eat when trying to lose weight  -Foods to avoid when trying to lose weight -Supplement to aid weight loss...

Posted by Elizabeth Clamon on 06/13/2018

Elizabeth Clamon Recommendations

Submitted by MedManagers Dba Michelle Koe Page on Tuesday, Jun 26, 2018

Michelle Page, Integrative Pharmacist

Elizabeth has a powerful and inspiring story for anyone. She delivers it in a manner that is engaging for all, sharing her moments of despair, fear and overwhelm that appear at different times of her life. This is countered with her relentless nature and finally trust in God, allowing her to ultimately triumph over her demons.

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Submitted by Michigan Homeschool on Monday, Jun 25, 2018


Elizabeth Clamon is a very well educated and out spoken in a good way. She is easy to relate to and enjoyable to listen to. As well as being very willing to answer any questions asked.

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  • Biblical

  • Engaging

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