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Deanna Young Recommendations

Submitted by Ripley County Community Foundation on 01/20/2018

Amy Streator, Executive Director

On Topic

Contracting Deanna as our keynote speaker for our 13th Annual Women in Philanthropy Luncheon was a great investment. As Deanna spoke you could feel the energy in the room ramp up with each story or antidote she shared. By the end of her speech, the confidence level of every woman in attendance was raised one notch.
Everyone left the event knowing that they had the power to leave a lasting, positive impact upon their community, and they had the tools needed to start their own acts of kindness. Deanna’s address reinvigorated the Women in Philanthropy Luncheon, attendance is up and donations to the Women and Children Fund have increased. Mission accomplished!

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Janet McHenry, Speaker And Author

Deanna is a dynamic, poised, personal and insightful speaker. She shares vulnerability from her heart and experience and inspires her audience.

Submitted by Looking Up! on 07/13/2021

Nancy Durham, music and drama director

Deanna Young is an inspiring motivational speaker. She is organized and offers personal anecdotes as she speaks. Deanna personalizes her presentations for her different audiences and incorporates meaningful scripture. Deanna is dynamic and purposeful in her delivery, using humor as well as dramatic effect. She is warm, welcoming, appreciative, and creative. Deanna frequently uses props for emphasis. She always prepares for her presentations; she knows how much time she is allotted and familiarizes herself with her audiences. All leave Deanna's presentations feeling like they have made a lifelong friend, and truly, they have! I'm a little prejudiced because I have known Deanna since she was a child, was her teacher, and have remained a friend. Even if I am biased, I believe everyone can benefit from Deanna's passion and compassion, her energy and encouragement, and her many inspiring and genuine messages.

Submitted by Versailles Baptist Church on 07/15/2019

Sandy Powell

Deanna is an exuberant, vivacious, and fun Christian speaker. The 100 women at our event stood to applaud. Her messages were phenomenal!!!

Submitted by Saint Joseph Church Of Christ on 07/09/2019

Joanna Teigen

Deanna is an engaging, passionate speaker who brings great hope and encouragement. Her love for Jesus--and people--shines through. Deanna has a gift of using her words, her home, and her creativity to make a difference to those who struggle. And, she shows us all how to do the same.

Submitted by Growing Home Together on 05/10/2019

Ashley Cleven - Women's Leadership Program Coordinator

Deanna is an amazing speaker with true talent at connecting with individuals of all walks of life. Deanna's passion and enthusiasm shine through in her presentations that help motivate people to bring out the best in themselves. Her delivery is warm and genuine which is rare to find these days. I would recommend her for any event or program!

Submitted by Indiana Farm Bureau, Inc. on 01/24/2018

Debby Allen

We always look forward to hearing Deanna speak! Deanna is so warm and personable. She has a way of relating to every age group...from children to seniors...through her personal stories and her sharing of scripture. Deanna is very engaging, but her message is for Jesus and her desire is always to help us walk closer to Him, to be the best person we can be. Her love for Christ and His people always shines through!

Submitted by Osgood First Baptist Church on 01/24/2018

Rosemary Zinser

I have had the pleasure of experiencing Deanna as a speaker on a number of occasions. Most recently, she spoke at the Women's Christ Renews His Parish Group at my parish on the topic of Making a Difference to Someone Every Day. Deanna has a wonderful talent of being able to identify simple ways to make positive and lasting differences to others on a day-to-day basis, as well as the ability to enable others to do the same. Her energy and passion to help others is contagious in the delivery of her message. Deanna also facilitated a retreat for the women of my extended family in which we were challenged to deepen our resolve to become more - more of the person God envisioned we would be when He created us. Through Deanna's fun, free-spirited leadership and communication style, all in attendance were inspired and empowered to take on the challenge.

Submitted by St. John The Baptist Catholic Church, Harrison, Ohio on 01/23/2018

Lea Ann King, General Counsel

I had the pleasure of hearing the dynamic Deanna Young as the keynote speaker at an annual Women in Philanthropy luncheon. Deanna was engaging from start to finish. She is gifted at effortlessly sharing stories that make you laugh one minute and wipe tears the next, all woven together in a cohesive theme. The women at the luncheon all walked away inspired and uplifted. Her talents would be a great fit for any key note address, breakout session or group gatherings.

Submitted by Toyota Material Handling, Usa, Inc. on 01/21/2018