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Verna Bowman Recommendations

Submitted by St Andrew's Lutheran Church on 04/08/2019

Nicole Kruvczuk DCE

On Topic

Our group was so blessed to have Verna come and speak. She has had an incredible life and her willingness to share those experiences gave her presentation an intimacy and power that moved our group tremendously. Her topic “Sacred Space” went right to the heart of our trouble finding time to commune with God in our busy lives. She was a pleasure to work with, patient and flexible with our antiquated and limited resources!

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Heidi Kanagy, Ministry Leader

Verna was warm, personable, transparent and spiritually enriching! Her testimony encouraged the women in their spiritual lives as she shared amazing stories of God's faithfulness in her life.

Submitted by Elizabethtown Mennonite Church on 07/21/2021

Joyce Hayes

Verna Bowman is delightful. She jumped right in and got excited about our chosen theme, going over and above our expectations to make her presentation powerful, Biblical, memorable and engaging. She is an effective communicator that I would highly recommend.

Submitted by Keswick Of America on 01/30/2019

Amber Anderson

We were glad to have Verna speak at our annual Christmas Tea. Verna shared from Mary's story and her own story to challenge us to live a life of faith, trusting God even in unexpected circumstances."

Submitted by Hilltown Baptist Church on 12/15/2018

Eunice Landis, Event Planner

We invited Verna to be our guest speaker at our annual ladies' retreat! She immediately made a strong connection with the women as she shared her personal story through "What If" ~ the women were drawn to her authenticity and genuine care in helping them discover "Even If-faith" in their own story. As a gifted communicator of God's Word, she will touch your life and challenge you to a deeper relationship with Him. I would highly recommend Verna for your upcoming event!

Submitted by Family Worship Center on 04/16/2018

Michelle Toburen

Verna Bowman brings authenticity, humor and deep wisdom from decades of walking with the Lord. Life hasn’t always been easy for Verna, yet she boldly speaks a message of hope and gratitude for a Savior that has faithfully carried her through the storms. Verna’s loveable personality leaves audiences wanting more!

Submitted by Awaken Conference 2017 on 05/23/2017

Gaye Ludwig, Retreat Planner

"Verna is one of those special ladies who you meet and feel you've known all your life. She so easily blended with our ladies with her down-to-earth theology and sound biblical teaching. It was a weekend that changed many lives as God used Verna's testimony to reach into their own lives and see His handiwork."

Submitted by Chapel Church Red Lion Pa on 04/08/2017

Deb McKinnon

We were truly blessed in meeting Verna and hearing her speak to our Heart to Home women's group about taking time to focus on our Lord and Savior even in those times that seem hurtful or busy. Verna's life experience, wisdom and heartfelt words greatly touched the women in our group.

Submitted by Trinity Lighthouse Church Royersford Pa on 11/08/2016

Sandy Nase

We were blessed to have our dear sister Verna share the seasons of her life with us. Verna’s faith in the Lord has kept her strong through the journey He has lead her on. Her story is one of hope and peace as she shares the truth of the God who holds her hand and guides her heart.

Submitted by Immanuel Leidy's Church on 11/08/2016

Korean Mace

Our women were blessed at our fall retreat as Verna shared how God met her in life's most difficult situations and brought her closer to Him as a result of seeking His Word. The women felt her sincerity and willingness to be vulnerable was an unforgettable gift of encouragement and inspiration. What a precious time together!

Submitted by Grace Covenant Church on 10/04/2016

Jennifer Brown

Verna was gracious enough to speak at our Women's Seminar in April 2016 in spite of going through months of personal difficulties. Her words were poignant and sincere. Comments from the many women in attendance contained only accolades. Multiple compliments about the applicability of her words to every women there (which included a wide range of ages). Her thought provoking sessions encouraged us in new ways in our relationship with God. We admired how personal she was in sharing her testimony, linking her story to scripture in Mark 5, of the woman who reached out for the hem of Jesus garment.

Submitted by Graterford Bible Fellowship Church on 05/03/2016

Shannon DePue

We found Verna to be a heartfelt and refreshing speaker for our annual Ladies Tea. She resonates a peace and calm that is obviously a gift of the Holy Spirit. Her story serves as an encouragement and living testimony of the power of our God.

Submitted by Grafton Baptist on 12/29/2015

Pastor Ruth Hendrickson

Verna Bowman is a speaker that engages and breaks right through to the heart of the women. She shares challenging personal experiences - fully wrapped in the presence of God. The end result is a powerful focus on God in the midst of every circumstance that life will throw out you. This focus is combined with a release of hope and trust in a powerful God who can surely hold us each step of the way.

Submitted by Washington's Crossing United Methodist on 11/24/2015

Jennifer Haubrich

Verna joined the ladies of our church for a pre-holiday event, where she gave a wonderful talk that reminded us of what is truly important to focus on during Thanksgiving and Christmas, so that we may be more like Mary and less like Martha — or Martha Stewart! Her warm and thoughtful presence helped us all breathe in an important message before the hectic season carries us away. Afterwards, every woman who attended remarked on how much they thoroughly enjoyed it. The way that Verna shared some of her own struggles in life made it clear to everyone that she could both relate to them as women and as Christians. I’d highly recommend inviting Verna to speak to any Christian’s women’s group. We hope to have her come back to see us again one day soon!

Submitted by Thompson Memorial Presbyterian Church on 11/16/2015

Marlene Mayle, Women's Ministry Leader

Verna's story serves as an encouragement and living testimony of the power of God. We were so blessed to have her. The retreat evaluations were awesome! She was an amazing inspiration and touched many hearts!

Submitted by First Baptist Church on 10/28/2015

Jessie Seneca, Founder, Speaker, Author

Verna is a woman after God's own heart. She portrays Him in all she does no matter what trial she may be facing. In speaking and writing she has a gift to pull you into the story as if you were touched personally by the Master's hand.

Submitted by More Of Him Ministries on 10/28/2015

Vonda Skelton, Founder And Co-Director

Verna's story is a testament of God's mercy, grace . . . and humor! As a woman who went from Woodstock and Harleys to worship and healing, she will challenge you to believe the impossible and trust in the God of miracles, regardless of your past.

Submitted by Christian Communicator's Conference on 10/28/2015

John HC Niederhaus, Senior Pastor

Verna has lived turbulence, disruption, and disappointment. Most importantly, Verna has lived and continues to live in the peace and purpose ministered by the Lord Jesus. She's not just a survivor, but she is a learner, a disciple of Christ Jesus, and a faithful communicator of God's goodness and truth.

Submitted by Immanuel Leidy's Church on 10/28/2015