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Veronica Joy Klepadlo Recommendations

Submitted by Simi Valley Center For Biblical Counseling on 10/11/2022

Debbie Ciulla, Director

On Topic

Veronica Joy teaches God's Word with overflowing joy! Your ladies will leave feeling refreshed and closer to the Lord!

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Martha-Dale Lesmes, Director Of Outreach

"“Veronica Joy Klepadlo is an encouraging, insightful teacher. Her breadth and knowledge of the word translate into presentations that are well grounded and practical. She bridges the word of God from it’s historical past to it’s present day application for my personal life. “

Submitted by Newheart on 11/20/2023

Shirley Francis-Jones, Secretary

"Psalm 30:5 says, ""Weeping may last for the night, but a shout of joy comes in the morning."" (NASB) This verse speaks to the heart of Veronica Joy's inspiring testimony. Through humor and enthusiasm, she delivers a message which left me renewed in spirit, and confident of God""s faithfulness. V.J. is a gifted teacher, well grounded in scripture and practical in experience. Shirley Francis-Jones"

Submitted by Aglow International on 01/17/2023

Ashley Ranes

Veronica Joy is by far gifted talented and very knowledgeable of the word of God. She has poured years into studies and has achieved a degree all the while bringing the prophetic and truths from the word of God. She carries a heavy gift of discernment and wisdom. She spreads cheer and joy, just as her name represents and Lord uses her mightily! You can expect nothing less than 100% truth and sound doctrine. Highly recommend

Submitted by Grace Chapel on 07/13/2021

Gina Rom

Wow! Inspiring and uplifting! I went home with a heart full of joy! Veronica Joy is a talented, passionate, spirit-filled speaker. I could listen to her teaching the Word of God forever!

Submitted by Retired Teacher on 05/28/2020

Cathy Hanes

I brought my friend to this retreat and just like recommending a watch, you always hope that it ends up a 'great one.' This retreat was 'a great one.' Not only was the venue beautiful and relaxing, the message that was shared, the testimony and the Joy we have in Christ was brought to life throughout. The weekend was real, uplifting and encouraging.

Submitted by None on 02/20/2020

Diane Raye

Veronica Joy, such and inspiration! The retreat she held was so wonderful, and informative. She speaks with such compassion and caring, the likes I have never seen or heard before. Praise God and bless Veronica Joy.

Submitted by Private Citizen on 02/17/2020

Marianne DiNona

VJ has an amazing ability to teach n share the word of God. She makes her teaching so interesting, when they are over, I wish she would tell us more. I met VJ over 15 years ago when she was teaching a Bible study at a friend Debbies home. She was a great Bible teacher then and like a flower, has bloomed into a more refined interesting n fun Biblical teacher. I’m also very proud to call VJ my friend!❤️

Submitted by Osborne Neighborhood Church on 08/14/2019

Michelle Vaughn

I’ve heard Veronica Joy Klepadlo speak many times, in church, at retreats, in plays for Christ and at bible studies. There is not a more inspiring and thorough teacher or speaker that I have heard. She’s simply fantastic!!

Submitted by N/a on 08/11/2019

Lynette Henriod, Practice Administrator

Veronica Joy is an accomplished, gifted teacher of the Word. She brings the Bible to life and is well versed with end time prophecies. Her practical application to our current socio-political and global status is eye opening and very relevant as she unpacks the scriptures.
Veronica Joy is a woman of faith, hope and integrity and joyfully teaches the Word of God. I, personally, have learnt so much under her leadership and teaching of God’s Word.

Submitted by Thousand Oaks Urgent Care on 08/10/2019

Denise Denny

With great pleasure I recommend Veronica Joy Klepadlo for her fantastic ability to send always positive, uplifting, motivating, moving, and often heartfelt words to any group or organization in need of an excellent speaker.

Submitted by Denise Denny Talent Management on 08/10/2019

Ingrid DuCasse

I’ve known Veronica Joy for 18yrs and have attended many of her bible studies & speaking events. She is very knowledgeable & professional I have benefited from her ministry.

Submitted by Caregiver Advocate on 08/08/2019


Knowledgeable and clear studies of scripture with application to current events and the world around us.

Submitted by Life Time Student Of The Bible on 08/08/2019

Colleen Kuzma

Veronica is very thoughtful and purposeful in her planning. She is dependable and authentic, she exercises her God given abilities challenging both herself and her listeners!

Submitted by Former Woman’s Ministry Leader on 08/08/2019

Robin Baker

Veronica Joy is an engaging, interesting and intelligent speaker . Her love and devotion for the Lord is obviously what drives her to share God’s Word and make it real to others . Her years of study have made her very strong in her knowledge of Gods word . She is as real as they come . She is a joy to listen to and receive from ..

Submitted by Newheart on 08/08/2019

Debbie Ciulla LMFT

Veronica Joy is well versed in God’s Word and delivers her message with creativity and deep love for her sisters in Christ. You will leave her presentations filled with Scripture and the joy of the Lord.

Submitted by Ohana Family Counseling on 08/08/2019

Mrs. Tracy Cook

Veronica Joy is a very inspiring individual. Her teaching style has great depth, full of history and context. She is a very dynamic speaker that is highly engaging. She is filled with the Holy Spirit, and reveals truth through scripture. Veronica Joy has an ability to break down complex subjects so that anyone can understand them. Her teaching style is perfect for retreats, teas, and with her degree, even a class room setting.

Submitted by Joni And Friends on 08/08/2019

Shurie A Southcott, Business Owner

I've personally know and ministered with Veronica Joy Klepadlo for several years including my position as Pastor's Assistant for Foursquare International. She is well educated, engaging, and a staunch defender of the literal Word of God. I believe she is Holy Spirit inspired and would be a great asset to any group wishing to receive factual, faith-based encouragement.

Submitted by Lady Bird's Hatberdashery on 08/08/2019

Paul Kuzma, Senior Pastor

"I am writing to recommend Veronica Joy Klepadlo for ministry speaking engagements. I have known Veronica Joy for eight years as her Pastor. In that time, I have had a number of opportunities to observe how she interacts with people from both a private and a public standpoint. She currently has faithfully served as our Women's Ministries Director at NewHeart for the last serveral years, and also serves as a member of our Church Council. One of the qualities that stands out about Veronica Joy is that she is willing to minister however she can. There is no pretension about a need to be in front of people. She is just as willing to serve behind the scenes as she is willing to serve in a public role. Veronica Joy is an engaging speaker who truly communicates God's heart to anyone listening. It becomes clear very quickly that she is a student of God's Word and takes her place of communicating its truth very seriously. She is also a tremendous listener...........

Submitted by New Heart Foursquare Church on 03/25/2019