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Melissa Steinour Recommendations

Submitted by Living Faith Chapel on 01/13/2022

Pastor Eldon Martin

On Topic

Melissa teaching are biblically based and is very good at relating them to our lives today. When she ministers at our church she is very honoring to the leaders and to the people in attendance in the congregation. She does not appear or speak down to us but shares from her experiences good or bad which makes it easy to relate to her and in doing so releases truths in a way we can relate to.

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Threslyn Ward

Melissa’s heart for God overflows as she teaches with deep insight and Godly wisdom. Her combined approach of well researched, scripture based knowledge is presented effortlessly with authentic application and insight from her life and others. She shares beautifully biblical truths and unashamedly challenges her listeners to reflect upon areas for personal growth and develop a deeper relationship with our Father. Melissa is an engaging, encouraging, uplifting speaker and is always a joy to hear!

Submitted by Lfc on 11/12/2021

Adam Field

Melissa is a wonderful godly woman ! She is anointed to lead, teach & counsel. She has a wealth of knowledge that is backed with a incredible testimony. I’m

Submitted by Comission on 11/11/2021