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Sheila Luck Recommendations

Submitted by Sue Bogenschutz on 05/26/2023

Sue Bogenschutz

On Topic

A speaker who will touch your very soul!

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Jeannie Hannemann

Sheila is a very dynamic speaker with the ability to teach complex topics in a down-to-earth style, sharing information with humor, compassion and inspiration. She offers wisdom in an engagingly personal approach by reflecting on first hand experience with messages from her own life struggles and shares insights, strategies and practical solutions to life's challenges.

Submitted by Jeannie Hannemann on 04/08/2024

Barbara Lyons

Sheila Luck inherently possesses all of the qualifications of a great speaker – gripping personal story, sincerity in telling the story, passion and compassion, and clear communication. Audiences listen carefully to what Sheila has to say and respond with warmth and comprehension. Sheila truly touches hearts and minds.

Submitted by Barbara Lyons on 11/22/2023

Mrs Cindy Folts

Shelia speaks from her heart when telling her story. She is so transparent and willing to sharer her story so others can learn from her and help them understand how a woman with a crisis pregnancy feels.

Submitted by Stateline Pregnancy Clinic on 07/30/2019

Pastor Mary Bope

Sheila Luck is an amazing and gifted speaker. Warm, sincere, clear, compassionate and passionate, audiences easily and eagerly both receive from and relate to her. Her communication skills are envied and enjoyed by all who have ever heard her speak.

Submitted by Pastor Mary Bope on 10/31/2015