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Jennifer Cadamore Recommendations

Submitted by Women's Ministry Team - OMBC on 03/18/2020

Marcia Conner

On Topic

The Women’s Ministry Team of Old Mahoning Baptist Church would like to acknowledge Jennifer Cadamore for her Christ centered, compassionate, and energetic messages. Jennifer has joined us for our Annual Spring Banquet as well as our Ladies’ Retreat. We use the term “join” because Jennifer is friendly, focused, exceptionally knowledgeable, relaxed and quickly becomes engaged with her audience. Her wisdom, insight, and passion for the Word of God is infectious. All these qualities intertwine as she presents and expounds on scriptural truths from the word of God. We would strongly recommend without hesitation Jennifer to any women’s group seeking to encourage and edify their sisters in Christ.

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Diana Galla

Jennifer Cadamore has been blessed by GOD as a gifted speaker whose desire is to be used by Him. She is a committed and faithful follower and always prayerfully seeks the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Her down-to-earth approach makes her scripture-filled messages informative and fun. As a mother of 3 boys, Jen has a special place in her heart for leading the youth to the LORD. Because of experiences in her youth, she is interested in helping young girls realize the importance of just being themselves, having high morals, and allowing Jesus to lead their lives. Jennifer teaches a youth Sunday School class, leads a weekly Bible study, and has substituted for pastors on numerous occasions, receiving scores of compliments. Words that describe her are joyful, funny, loving, caring, and compassionate. I would recommend Jen for your speaking engagement. She is dedicated and seeks the guidance of the Holy Spirit. She would be a great asset to your seminar.

Submitted by Zion United Methodist Church on 03/23/2023

Jill Cone

Jennifer was amazing at our Womens breakfast! Not only did she make the process of planning easy, she worked with me on the topic...plus helped incorporate my idea shortly before the event! She was an encouragement to the women who attended. Bold in her love for God and very straight forward! An absolute blessing!

Submitted by Impact Christian Church - Womens Ministry on 11/24/2022

Sherry O'Donnell

Jennifer Cadamore is an anointed and lively speaker! She knows how to effectively use God 's Word to connect in a sincere and vulnerable way to her audiences. I'm blessed by her fervor to be ours and holy, seeking only what God wants her to do and say!

Submitted by Women's Ministry on 02/03/2022

Debbie Bowser

Wow! I would highly encourage anyone to have Jennifer come to speak! She did a wonderful job. She was so easy to work with. It’s easy to see she has a heart for reaching women and encouraging them to have a close walk with God. She’s not afraid to speak truth. She’s very real and relatable. Also funny and easy to listen to. You won’t be disappointed. Everyone here loved her!

Submitted by Soldier Community Church on 09/22/2021

Donna Best

Jennifer is a serious student of God's Word, which serves as the basis for her ministry to women. Yet, in a thoroughly enjoyable way, she uses humor and transparency to help her audience make personal application. She is a wonderful addition to any women's event!

Submitted by Biblical Teaching For Women @ Www.donnabest.org on 05/27/2017

Kim C.

Jennifer is so full of energy and her message is full of scriptural teaching with a challenge and encourgament to walk in God's will. She engaged and captivated the ladies and was so warm and personable. Jennifer was a joy to have!

Submitted by Womens Power Surge on 05/26/2017

Maritza Conley

It was a pleasure and honor for us to hear such wonderful Topics at our 2016 Fall Retreat during the seminar at Hubbard Church of the Nazarene, Hubbard, Ohio:
• To see yourself as the beautiful creation you are
• To develop a Biblical self-esteem
• To replace negative thoughts
• To learn how to use the tools

The use of God’s word, videos, visual props and interaction with attendees was fantastic. The topics enlightened many hearts of the ladies and the young teenager in attendance. The points which she covered in each session were so interesting that it helped us gain a visual God’s perspective.

She has a welcoming smile and her interaction with the attendees amazing. Many of the attendees expressed sincere gratitude towards the topics and how it helped them gain a better mindset.
Jennifer added meaning to “You Are Beautiful” Fall Retreat. Her speaking skills and presentation on each topic was well received.

Submitted by Heart To Heart (women's Ministry) on 04/06/2017